The Don’t Do List, pt 3: Don’t Play Small

Creating a successful business with your talent and skills is not for the timid, the petty, nor the shallow mind. It takes guts to put yourself out there each day and offer up something made with heart. It takes being in a perpetual creative flow of innovation, which means not allowing yourself to get dragged down into negative or fear based perspectives.

Our Don’t Do List is offered by Artisans Gallery Team members from the lessons we’ve learned by making and observing mistakes. Sometimes the best advice is about what not to do!

1) Don’t take it personally!

It’s a given that you won’t like every communication from buyers, or comments posted in the Forums. But if you approach every-day workspace communications with too much personal passion and enthusiasm, your day can get eaten up with worry and resentment. You may also lose opportunities by misreading someone’s intentions.

As Eve of EvesLttleEarthlings observes:

Don't get annoyed when customers ask for a discount. The forums are full of sellers who think this is an insult. I personally never give discounts, but usually when I politely explain why, they purchase at full price anyway.

Custom made doll from EvesLittleEarthlings

Renee from DecorateTheDiva advises:

Don't tell customers you are having a bad day, or your life problems. Keep it upbeat and joyful especially around the holidays. Stay focused on the topic and keep it simple.

glass and brass woodland acorn necklace from DecoratetheDiva

2) Don’t stand still.

Keep moving and progressing in your work. It’s fun for you, and good for business, too.

As Lauren of lapisbeach says:

Don't be afraid to try new things. When I first opened my Etsy shop I only had soft knit items in my shop. With a friend's encouragement- I started experimenting with wire.....now the wire line dominates my shop listings. Who knows what is next!

Black Pearl necklace from lapisbeach

3) “Don't copy someone else's work - even if you can, even if they are selling like mad.” – from Genevieve of jibbyandjuna

handmade original polymer clay necklace from jibbyandjuna

It’s not fair, it’s not legal, and it’s not good businesswise to copy someone’s original designs. If an image inspires you, your final product must deviate from the inspiration piece by at least 30% in order to be legally defensible as your own work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our series!

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by Lee Wolfe/ OneClayBead

Your comments, questions, and ideas are welcome!


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