Peek Bought Handmade

Ever wonder what pieces other artisans love most? Today we'll take a peek at some of the handmade pieces members of this team have brought home from other artisans & added to their personal collections.

Ira from iragrant, her Swiss-based shop full of handmade handbags, recently wrote about the beautiful scarf that arrived on her doorstep from Norway (from another Artisans Gallery team member, ingermaaike !)

"If you know ingermaaike's felts work, you will have realized how beautiful they are. I was always a big fan of hers, but you know what? I always have trouble photographing the real beauty of Inger's work.

So this afternoon, I tried it again. 

I have this beautiful scarf that arrived today from Norway and I was speechless, it's so pretty and warm and soft and.....

oh well, here some shots for you! :)"

Ever wonder what pieces other artisans love most? Today, in part 2 of our new series, we'll take a peek at some of the handmade pieces members of this team have brought home from other artisans & added to their personal collections.

Here are some photos from Judit of Vadjutka, her Hungarian-based shop full of handmade jewelry. Here are some of the wonderful handmade Etsy pieces she has welcomed into her home.

(Above, a tweeting bird piece of wall art from lapomme, and Jewish wall art from Artmind). 

"I have lots of ACEOs and prints from annarubyking, like these."

"Here is a tray fom birribe, and a felted doll from ingermaaike (both Artisan Gallery team members!) The cookies were made by my boyfriend's grandma."

(Below) "One of my favorite objects from Etsy, Creativity wall art from Artmind".

Today is part 3 of our new series about some of the handmade pieces Artisans Gallery team members have in their own collections. Jen from Polestar shares one of her favorite pieces of jewelry with us - a ring made by AG team member Monica from moonovermaize.

Last week, Genevieve commented "It's cool to see items I have seen on Etsy in their naturalenvironment, in a home, being loved, being used." So very true!

Jen said: "I really wanted a simple moonstone ring so I approached Monica of moonovermaize about making a custom ring for me almost exactly a year ago.  She offered to trade which was awesome, and she made this gorgeous ring for me.  I wear it quite often and just love the glow of the blue moonstone."

What are some of your favorite handmade Etsy pieces?

Ever want to peek inside the homes of other artisans to see what they like to collect from other artists? See what pieces inspire them?

In today's part 4 of our new series all about peeking, other artisans + handmade (what a delightful combo!), textile artist Britta from Bribbe gives us a look at her kitchen, and some of her favorite bowls. Beautiful handmade pottery bowls by Lee from OneClayBead.

"Thew new bowls are great in my kitchen. I love the jagged edges and the relief pattern of the smaller one. It's indeed a piece of poetry that makes me happy every day! It goes along so well with some beautiful stones and all kinds of vegetables."

"The blue, bigger bowl is perfect for salad or some fruit. I'm in love with the blue glaze that suits lemons or oranges so well."

What's been your favorite handmade purchase?

As part of our ongoing series, we are taking  a peek into artists' homes to see what handmade pieces they have brought into their own living and working spaces.  A peek into personal handmade collections.

Today, jeweler Genevieve from jibby and juna invites us into her bedroom to see some of the art they were gifted (by their kids!) over the holidays.

"Here are two photos of the prints my kids bought my husband and I for Christmas. They thought our bedroom was too monochromatic (and they were right) and shopped from my favorites choosing these three from illustrator Yellena specifically to go over our bed.  Just three pieces of artwork add to much to the room! And I'm glad our kids already understand the value of buying handmade ( if we could just get them to stop using our paypal account:-)"

As part of our little series called Peek. Bought. Handmade, we are taking a look at some Artisans Gallery Team members' favorite handmade finds. Pieces that they have added to their own homes and wardrobes. Today, Laura from BlueTerracotta shares one of her favorite accessories with us, a scarf made by Silvia from Silvia66 (another AG team member).  Please check out Laura's Lyon, France-based handmade shop full of beautiful fabric creations. 

"Here are some photos of me wearing my luscious mini loop scarf by Silvia of Silvia66.  It's really soft and warm and I've worn it a lot this winter, indoors and out! I mostly wear black and the green is set off nicely, I think."

So beautiful! What handmade clothing + accessories do you love to wrap yourself in (and have people ask where in the world you found such a beautiful, original piece)?