Everyday Handmade: Blooming Earrings

It's high summer in the northern hemisphere, and here around my new home in Boulder, Colorado, everything's blooming! Every morning when I'm walking my dog through the open space near my house, I see sweet little flowers all along the way!

In the spirit of this blooming season, today for Everyday Handmade I'm doing a round-up of bloom-inspired earrings from the Artisans Gallery Team so that you can carry that little bit of summer with you all day long {and all year long!}.

Here we go!

These Olive Sweetie french earrings from Vadjutka make me dream of strolling slowly down small cobbled Parisian streets on a late summer afternoon. Could they be a little vacation in an earring? I think so! Find them here.

I love how these Elegant Diva Purpleheart Wood earrings from Decorate the Diva really showcase the elegance of the natural world with their graceful shape and rich tones. Plus they're natural in two ways---design and material! What a gorgeous way to take an outfit to a new level. Find them here.

These Summer Daisy Flower Earrings from Fuss Jewelry are full of the sweet whimsy of lazy summer afternoons. They'd add a nice touch of glistening, blooming shimmer to any day. Find them here.

I love the simple elegant organic shape and color of these Flor de Lotus earrings from Masaoms. They would go perfectly with just about any outfit, and are a completely unique addition to any earring wardrobe. Find them here.

And here's one last (but not least) blooming set of earrings from noblegnome. These Idun Earrings have that old world charm and a lovely natural feeling. I love the organic tones and shapes that would look very fine with a lazy linen summer dress! Find them here.

I hope you enjoyed this blooming round-up! Thank you lovely jewelers for dreaming these up so that we can carry the summer with us wherever we go! Have a happy creative day!


Fuss Jewelry said...

Flowers--my favorite inspiration! What a fantastic collection of botanical wonders for the ears!

Decorate the Diva said...

Wonderful blooming beauties for the summertime! Thank you for including me!

WolfeWoman said...

A gorgeous collection and I love your theme!
Lee/ OneClaybead

masaoms said...

Lovely, thank you!!! :-)

Merritt Hyde said...

Such a gorgeous collection!

bluebicicletta said...

Thanks ladies!