Everyday Handmade: A Little Pop for Your Home

Hello Everybody! It's that time again . . . time for this week's installment of Everyday Handmade! This week I uncovered some beautiful little pieces to add a little pop to your home! What fun!

Ready, set, go . . .

Create a little corner of peace with this beautiful organic set of Glacial Stone Tealight Candle Holders by Brooks Barrow. I think they're just so calming and elemental and would make any room feel like a spa. Find them here.

For a permanent dose of light and big bit of handmade pizazz, check out this amazing blown glass Mini Pendant Light from Wolf Art Glass. Isn't it so cool to add such style and handmade-ness to a normal old light!? This one in particular is a dark green and black spiral, find it and other lighting ideas here.

Speaking of light, wouldn't these handmade star urchin paper flowers by Kissa Design just light up any corner of any room? They're bright, fun, and such a whimsical addition to any home, and hey---they'll never lose their petals all over the floor! check them out here.

And while you're at it, why not add a little color to your floor! I was so excited to find these beautiful handmade rugs from Textures Gallery! What a great way to bring some handmade functional beauty into your home! This rug is a Sol LeWitt Inspired 2' x 4' Cotton Rag Rug---find it and many more beautiful options right here.

And lastly, bring a little color and life and organization into any space with these cutest Forest Friend Boxes by Hoganfe. I love how these bring playfulness into the task of organizing and storing---anything that will make you smile when you're doing chores is a must have! Find a full line of beautiful bins here and you can even build your own set and use them for weddings or gifts!

Thanks for tuning into this week's Everyday Handmade round-up! Have a wonder-filled day and week! See you next time . . .

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WolfeWoman said...

This is a gorgeous collection!