AGTeam First Friday May 6

First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

EvesLittleEarthlings says,
I love the joyful way these creatures play in the waves, gliding along and leaping into the air.

LouisestArt says, This is my newest print. It's my sister's birthday this week and this is for her!

BucktoothedBunny says, "This is my newest design that I'm so excited about! Plus, finally getting my little nephew to model for me was so much fun!"

PoleStar says, the deep green iridescence of the Emeralds simply suspended on gold are the perfect and elegant way to celebrate this month's birthstone or even mother's day.


TheJoyofColor said...

Great new fins. Love them all
together they create such a nice spring collection , Louise happy birthday to your sistere, what a beautiful gift

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

beautiful finds ~ i love eve's dolphin :)

VerbenaPlace said...

Great finds! Love your new "model" Toni:)