What are you working on now?

Last Friday's 'What are you working on now?' post included a work in progress by Viktoria (donauluft), she has since finished her piece and I'd like to share with you the end results:

'The earrings are made of diminutive, old faceted glassbeads. Solid crafted with tearproof, polyesterthread. The inner shape is wooden. The ear hook and bezel settings are made of Sterling silver and oxidized.'

On Viktoria's profile page she talks more about her process and the materials she uses. Not only is she is master at bead work, she has also taken silversmith courses to learn how to create her own closures and clasps. Go to her profile page to learn more about her work.

I never know who or what is going to get posted to our Flickr forum for this series so it was a nice surprise to see a link from Michele, aka Steinschmuckdesign,  post what she was working on: Preparing for a Design Market.  It isn't always obvious, but there is an awful lot of preparation involved when it comes to exhibiting/showing your work in a public setting.  

Imagine having many pieces of jewelry to display!  I know I would go nuts trying to figure out the best way to showcase everything and not have things disappear in a sea of necklaces and earrings.  Michele shares with us various ideas for how she plans to display her work, go check it out and while you're at it, have a look at what she makes too! Good luck Michele, will be looking for 'after' photos of your work on display!


And lastly we have Jessica Torrant who not only has an art shop, she also has GreenGardeStamps.  Jessica shares on her blog a step by step approach to a commissioned sunflower stamp piece.

Here is a brief quote/description about this piece:  I was so happy to get a new commission to create a large sunflower stamp for my customer's wedding invitations. How exciting! Not only carving the largest stamp I think I've ever carved but mostly knowing that something I created will be incorporated into someone's very special day. I began with a sketch approved by the customer. It's roughly 3.5" x 3.5" square (or in this case, circle).

Visit her blog to see and read more.  Here is a look at the finished piece:

Keep those flickr links coming, we love hearing from all members there and its great to see what YOU are working on now!


Anonymous said...

very cool

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I enjoyed this--I love that ring, and Michelle's work is stunning as well!

donauluft said...

Great to see the stamp-making of!
Michele, I guess there´s a lot to do...much luck with the Design Market !
Wonderful to see my work in this post , thank you paula !

Lucie said...

It's great watching your works in progress! Thanks for sharing :) Viktoria these earrings are stunning, good luck Michelle, your displays are lovely!

WolfeWoman said...

I love how you've showcased creativity at play in many ways- in the techniques, the display, and in working on commission! Very enjoyable read.

Kendra Zvonik said...

I love this ongoing post on the progress of our team members' work. It's really inspiring! Thanks so much!

betsy bensen said...

wonderful! Viktoria's earrings are positivly stunning! Michele's display looks great, what a lot of thoughtful work is put into presentation! And jessica, your stamps are so lively and fun. It's so nice to get a glimpse of each process!

Michelle said...

Viktoria, I have also seen already other of your works in process and I am always really impressed!!!
Jessica, how amazing to see how much work is behind a creation!!!
Paula, thanks so much for having me here and
for keeping our blog running and growing,
your the Best!!!

Jessica Torrant said...

Thanks so much for sharing my WIP stamp - I love seeing everyone else's work and behind the scenes shots. There's so much that goes into a creative life, this blog series has been really eye opening and lots of FUN!

Sigmosaics said...

echoing Oneclaybead's comment - it's great to see 'all things' creative people are working on. Good luck with the show Michelle! Donauluft's ring is amazing isn't it - looks beautiful! The stamp is so beautifully detailed - well done Jessica :D

glazedOver said...

Resounding applause all around! I KNEW Donauluft's project was going to be awe-inspiring. So beautiful! And it's so neat to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of Michele's preparations and Jessica's stamp is perfection itself. It has also happened that way with me, that a new direction blossomed after a customer commission. It is a beautiful process when that happens!

paula said...

i'm glad you all liked this week's picks. thank you ladies for submitting your works! i hope this inspires more people who haven't already posted to send us what you are working on. be creative, send good interesting photos and lots of info or links to blog posts as well. i love this segment and want to keep doing it!

Victoria Webb said...

An inspiring peek into works in progress. Best of luck to all in their new/old endeavors!

Renegade Perceptions said...

ooooo! I love the stamp! I am going to visit her blog :)