National Honey Bee Day

Wishing you a very happy and festive National Honey Bee Day from all the members of the Artisan Gallery Team.

In June a few of us teamed together to create beautifully hand made items celebrating the honey bee and participated in a Bee Up: Blog it Forward project. The honey bee, like Artisan Gallery Team members are part of a unified hive, we mindfully gather our materials to bring you handmade elixirs for all your senses to enjoy. From the visual realm of our artists; the tactile of those working with fiber, metal and clay; the aromas of bath and beauty; the taste of artisan foods and the sounds of clicking wind chimes and music.

Feed your soul, nourish all your senses with the handmade goodness by visiting the team page with links to our shops, our Flickr group and/or our Facebook Fan Page.

Images: Honeycomb photo and Sensorium College by Roxana Villa, Golden HoneyBee Ring Kathi Roussel


betsy bensen said...

Who would have thought that honey bees would have their own holiday. As important as they are, they deserve it! Thanks Roxana, for a very sweet post!

Annette F Tait said...

a lovely post and an important sentiment about being in a team, thank you

glazedOver said...

Love the overlay of the hive imagery on the Artisan Gallery. Each "bee" is an essential part of the hive and together we make some seriously sweet delights. Well done, Roxana. You paint with such picturesque strokes.

Sigmosaics said...

Lovely blog post Roxana for these wonderfully hardworking creatures - they deserve their own day to shine :)