What are you working on now?

"So the first question is what colors work nicely together and other people's project (and so other people like the idea of combining pink and red (I do!) or is it rather an awkward idea?). Therefore the first task before taking any pictures: chose colors that work well together and don't start playing around while you do so! Then the colors are chosen and the question is how to present the paper yarns to their advantage... this is one of the first pictures - playing around with possibilities, ideas, different knots, etc.

Another of one of the first pictures that shows quite nicely the paper yarn's sturdiness. But still it's mostly a playing around and trying this and that. And after taking pictures and more pictures an idea evolves - at least for the "mood shot" (as opposed to the product shot that will be a lot less spectecular). Now the picture or photography itself is becoming important - not less important than the thing that is depicted."

 finished product 

Above, Linda has shown us how she blends her colors together and assembles the product for buyers.  She promises to show us a more detailed example in the future of her process.

Next we have a little teaser for you!  Donauluft, aka Viktoria, has posted on her blog what she says will be her new autumn collection.  Two photos which appear very mysterious and in the beginning stages of something wonderful!

Roxana of Illuminated Perfume has been working on her Jasmine sambac tincture.  She recently posted some pictures of her studio which is in and of itself a piece of work.  It is a beautiful space; clean, organized and the sort of place I imagine fresh aromas floating in and out of all day long.  She too hopes to find a way to take more 'down and dirty' pictures of the actual process.  I personally am very curious to see how perfume gets made, but until then I wanted to share with you a few pictures of her studio and accessories.

In the upper right photo are Jasmine sambac flowers from Roxana's garden for a tincture to be used for Cimbalom Perfume.  
What are you working on ?  If you are a team member go to our flickr forum and share your works along with some descriptions to share with us here next Friday.  Thank you!


Michelle said...

Wonderful to have a peek behind the scense!!!

donauluft said...

Hey great! ..The paper yarn really looks appetizing for crafters, I guess!
..and a modern alchemist studio..

glazedOver said...

So neat to see what AGteam members are up to. And donauluft, what you are working on looks so intriguing. The suspense is KILLING me! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labors!

Waterrose said...

I love that paper yarn and I think someday, soon, I will have some!

Sigmosaics said...

oh these are great pictures - i love the yarn (gorgeous colors). I saw donaulufts new collection - very awesome 'accessory' :D I'm very curious about the perfume process too!