2010 Mother's Day AG Team Gift Guide

Sky High Gift Guide
by Annette of dragonhousofyuen

When money is no object,
make this Mother's Day the best ever.
Buy her something truly special
and make her feel all warm and fuzzy !

  1. ileaiye
  2. rozinga
  3. kathiroussel
  4. betsybensen

  1. kanokwalee
  2. QuercusSilver
  3. PaulaArt
  4. SarahJohnAfana

  1. NataJane
  2. aroluna
  3. LaTouchables
  4. Silvia66

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Star of the East said...

This is gorgeous!!

paula said...

mothers' day has come a long way since i was a kid. i love the sophistication and art in these gift ideas.

TheJoyofColor said...

Oh Anette its fantastic all the groups are so nicely arranged and i would be happy to have lots of the item maybe i'll show it to my hubby and boys?

Victoria Webb said...

Lovely items and a great way of offering a variety of value.

WolfeWoman said...

Awesome work, and the groups are so artfully chosen!

IsabelAmyo said...

Your picks are so lovely. Moms have much choice and it's so difficult to choose manys greats and wonders !

BlueTerracotta said...

What a sumptuous collection for moms! Fantastic arrangements!

Anonymous said...

You have me drooling this morning! Wonderful selections and so beautifully presented!

thelittlereddoor said...

wonderful gifts for mom, thanks so much!

kathiroussel said...

fabulous work annette and pey-- each and every feature has been stellar-- everything working beautifully together-- thanks so much!!

Annette F Tait said...

glad you all like this!
I had beautiful items to choose from, so thank you all very much for such a talented collection!