2010 Mother's Day AG Team Gift Guide

The If I Could I Would
Give You the World,
so This is the Next Best Thing
Gift Guide for All Moms
by peylu of peylu/folkartvision

45 Great Handmade Gifts
that won't break the bank.

Cards, under $5.00

Jewelry, $12.00 - 80.00

Fiber Art, $20.00 - 35.00

Bath + Beauty +Jewelry + Art,
$8.00 - $70.00

Fiber Art + Supplies + Accessories,
$20 -$58.00

Jewelry, $18.00 - $65.00

Pottery, $20.00 - $30.00

Fiber Art + Pottery + Jewelry,
$18.00 - $30.00
  1. twolefthands
  2. ThePeachTree
  3. thelittlereddoor
  4. catherinereece

Jewelry + Eco Favors, $8.00 - $35.00
  1. terminy
  2. GreenPost
  3. MissBird
  4. NiuTaller

Mosaics + Pottery + Clothing + Jewelry,
under $25.00

Hearts, $10.00 - $23.00

Happy Mother's Day and remember to
Etsy your Mom's world
on her special day !

See Part 1 & Part 2 of this Guide

For more gift ideas from
the Artisans Gallery Team, click here



WolfeWoman said...

Gorgeous choices, and i love the presentation!
Lee/ oneClaybead

Anonymous said...

Would you look at all of the great choices?!!! Thank you for including my little mom gnomes, how exciting! (-:

paula said...

love this presentation...diverse and grouped in easy to understand prices and categories. good job helping us find a gift for that special woman/mom!

Michelle said...

I am a Mom and I could just go on
shoping shoping shoping!!!!
I adore your combinations,
Thank you very much!!!!!

Decorate the Diva said...

Gorgeous choices... I want to start shopping now!!! TY

Kristina Sabaite (krize) said...

Wondreful!!! What a great compositions! Thanks!

MissBird said...

OMG! wonderful collection!
Excellent work, again!!

Thank you so much!

*Evelyn* said...

beautiful finds.... thanks so much for including my hair pins set!!

Roxana said...

Fabulous finds dear Pey. I'm loving those cute little gnomes, they remind me of the seven dwarfs.
Cheers to a beauty filled handmade Mothers Day to all!! Thank you for including my botanical perfume here.
~ Roxana

Sea Pinks said...

Oh I love them all, what a beautiful bunch! Honored to have my pincushion featured, thank you!

Kendra Zvonik said...

What a talented team we are! Thanks for including my tags!
I am especially fond of MaisyandAlice's new garlands- so awesome!

TheJoyofColor said...

Thanks Pey wonderfuly made guide
love it

lauren carney said...

gar these photos make me gush!
i especially love the little gnomes!
these are brilliant finds and your blog is delightful
thanks for sharing x

BlueTerracotta said...

So beautifully done! I love the little groups and I find so many items I would love to have :)

twolefthands said...

Wow, amazing, talented people! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fabulous job Pey! Thanks for including my Brooch!

earmark said...

I am not a mom, but I wish I was because I want one of everything! So i will only need to have like thirty kids! :) Great collection and thank you so much for using our Rah Rah Mom Card!

maisy and alice said...

Oh Pey, such a beautifully artistic collection, it all looks wonderful and it makes me want everything!
I'm very excited to have my humble offerings included with all this talent!

niu said...

GREAT!!This is really a beautiful composition!!! thanks!!

Annette F Tait said...

Pey what a super job you have done! I shall extend my wallet to my two furries :)

Sigmosaics said...

absolutely love the way you put these together .. what an amazing line up of talent! I'm thrilled to be included - thank you so much :D