2010 Mother's Day AG Team Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for All Kinds of Moms
by Pey of Peylu/folkartvision and Annette of Dragonhouseofyuen

Our definition of Mother:
a) A person that is very large,
powerful, or impressive.
b) A creative source.

In celebration of this very important person's day,
May 9, 2010,
and to thank her for all her
infinite patience, nurturing and love.
We put together this Mother's Day gift guide,
by grouping all the tempting items
per budgets and tastes for your consideration.
All you need to do is browse and BUY !
We think Moms deserve just about
everything in this yummy guide !

Enjoy and Happy Shopping !

New and Expectant Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Earthy Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Eco Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Arts & Crafts Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Romantic/ Artistic Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Working Moms

by Pey

by Annette

Stylish Moms

by Pey
by Annette

Grandmoms, Adoptive Moms, Step Moms,
God Moms, Moms in Law, Fur-kid Moms

by Pey


PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun said...

What a wonderful way to shop!! Perfect ideas for Mother's Day!

pey said...

thanks, Alice, it's a work in progress right now, all the links should be complete shortly !

Sarah John Afana said...

Great variety of gift ideas!
Well done!!! You can do all my shopping from now on :)

StudioZen said...

Awesome gift guide for moms. And non-moms too! It's fabulous! Annette and Pey score again!

SewnNatural said...

Fabulous interpretation of gift ideas for so many different types of moms... you started with fantastic categories, and filled them with beautiful pieces that pop off the page and into our dream lists. Thank you!

TheJoyofColor said...

Fantastic gift quide so well devided, for every tase, thank you so much pey and Annette for the wonderful job

Decorate the Diva said...

WOW... I appreciate all the work you girls do!!! Thank you for including my earrings. This is the perfect way to shop!!!

WolfeWoman said...

This is over the moon fabulous, Pey and Annette!!! I may have to add a new category.... Moms who shop for themselves :)

I love the way you've got something for every aspect of our lives.
Lee/ OneClayBead

Victoria Webb said...

Nicely curated Pey- I appreciate the addition of 'Still-life with Irises', actually one of my own mother's paintings. She is smiling somewhere.

kathiroussel said...

pey and annette -- you have outdone yourselves!! this is a beautiful spread of mom's day gift ideas-- wonderful categories for all-- i especially love the fur-kid moms category-- gave me a good chuckle!! thanks so much-- fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including my drawing in this wonderful gift guide! What a great selection of items! So many possibilities!

anakim said...

You've done outstanding work ladies! I'm a very happy mom today:)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Exciting to see these in groups...beautiful idea!

Marie said...

amazing work! So many great ideas! thank you!!

iragranteco said...

Wow Pey, this is a great selection!:) Thank you so much for Auvenier bag!

shira said...

Pey Such a great work.Great options for gifts
Thank you so much!

BlueTerracotta said...

What a wonderful guide for Mother's Day! There's something for everyone here. Thank you so very much for including my pieces and for your hard work creating this collection.

*Evelyn* said...

Wowo.....I want everything here.....
well done !!

paula said...

something for everyone, variety is awesome. i especially like the very first photo, the petal boxes. good job pey and annette, and thank you!!!

KnotOriginal said...

Thank you Pey and Annette, you 2 are rock stars!!! What a wonderful way to shop...love the variety!

MissBird said...

Wow! fantastic work!
Thank you so much for including me!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection of items for Mom! (-:

Huismus said...

What a brilliant selection of gorgeousness..!

Agustina Fernandez said...

Thank you!!!! beautiful selection!!!!:)

Sigmosaics said...

this is an incredible post - a true bevvy of beauties to choose from. Congratulations to you both for this amazing post!
and thank you very much for including my vase :D

glazedOver said...

Oh, well DONE! Beautiful, just beautiful!

veroque said...

Beautiful gift guide! Great work!!!

Thank you:)

IsabelAmyo said...

All these gift ideas are great, really a panel of all the creations that can be found in this fabulous team ...
What a job! Bravo
Thank you for your time to do everything here ;-)))

Kanokwalee said...

Great picks! They're beautiful pieces. Thank you so much for including me among these beauties.

Annette F Tait said...

Thank you Pey! honoured to work with you on this special gift guide! and for our team mates incredible choice of gorgeous art!