Seven Days of Wedding Fever, Day Six

The Artisan Wedding Challenge

by Pey of Peylu/folkartvision and Annette of Dragonhouseofyuen

Follow us through this seven-day event
and say I Do to these handmade,
original and joyful items selected just for you.

Day 6,
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen,

Pey's picks,

Annette's picks

  1. aroluna
  2. StarBags
  3. staroftheeast
  4. justCHARMING
  5. MaisyandAlice
  6. humblebea
  7. betsybensen
  8. steinschmuckdesign
  9. Huismus
  10. Jealousydesign
  11. aforfebre
  12. noblegnome

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Coming Sunday,
The Last Roundup,
Flower Girls and Ring Bearers.


SewnNatural said...

what a stunning selection of handmade pieces for bridesmaids & groomsmen... wow! this team's work is such a feast for the eyes. :)

humblebea said...

I just love looking at your choices everyday! Beautiful picks, girls! (-:

anakim said...

Once again, it's impeccable!
Thanks so much Pey & Annette I admire your work!

Kreativlink said...

I'm proud to be among such wonderful artists, thanks!

WolfeWoman said...

Gorgeousness!!! I love these selections, and am in awe of the work you've put into this, Pey and Annette, plus the quality of work on this team!
Lee OneClayBead

kathiroussel said...

lovely lovely lovely-- i think anyone planning a wedding would be thrilled to find so many wonderful possibilities. pey and annette-- you've been putting together beautiful collections each and every day!

BlueTerracotta said...

Yet more stunning collections! I've looked forward to seeing your selections each day this week. Fine work!

veroque said...

I'm awe .... It looks beautiful and thank you for your work!!!

aroluna said...

Thank you Pey and Annette! The collections are absolutely lovely and I admire the work you're doing putting them together! Awesome!!!

Michelle said...

I simple adore how you combined all this
fantastic special Works!!!
A big thank you to Pey and Annette!!!!
And I am to happy to be featured:D

Star of the East said...

I'm loving this challenge, such pretty outcomes!!
Thank you so much for doing all this and for the inclusion!!

angel said...

What an exquisite collection!

lynncpots said...

Beautiful collections Annette and Pey!

maisy and alice said...

Another breathtaking selection ladies! Thank you so much for taking the time to put these wonderful collections together for us to drool over!

TheJoyofColor said...

Its getting better every day!!!
What a wonderful charming peaks
Love the cute bag by starbags, so so cute

Kendra Zvonik said...

Wonderful selections! What a success this wedding challenge has been!

Huismus said...

What a party to be invited.. It's all so beautiful, thank you!

vadjutka said...

OOOh, thanks so much for including my work as well!