Seven Days of Wedding Fever, Day Seven

The Artisan Wedding Challenge
by Pey of Peylu/folkartvision and Annette of Dragonhouseofyuen

Follow us through this seven-day event
and say I Do to these handmade,
original and joyful items selected just for you.

Day 7,
Flower Children and Ring Bearer

Pey's picks,

Annette's picks

  1. Imaginationkids
  2. ANichelleDesign
  3. sandmaiden
  4. KnotOriginal
  5. LaTouchables
  6. ingermaaike
  7. LoveandDream
  8. littlesaplingtoys
  9. Silvia66
  10. SewnNatural
  11. Sumikoshop
  12. GreenManShop

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Monica said...

You've both done such a wonderful job with this wedding series! So many beautiful items and I thank you for including me.

Thanks for the time you've taken to put this lovely series together!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Complements to this Wedding series...I've been watching, and I love it! I'm also grateful for being on the seventh day! Thank you so much!!!

*Evelyn* said...

everything beautiful...... thanks for including my ring!!

BlueTerracotta said...

These are especially sweet collections! It's been a joy all week discovering your selections and the way you've put them together!

SewnNatural said...

oh wow, what an incredible feast for the eyes this Sunday morning. we're flattered to have our heart pebbles + little girl's white ruffles dress included... thank you!

Huismus said...

I feel like I'm running behind on everything and can't catch up.. But I'm finally here, at day 7, haha!

What a wonderful collections of beauties. Inspirational list, thanks so much for inviting me!

glazedOver said...

What a fantastic, bang-up job you two have done with the wedding series. It has been a daily delight to see what you've each stitched together in the spirit of tying the knot. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Victoria Webb said...

Every day has been a real visual treat filled with exceptional artisans. Thanks for all your hard work pulling these together!

ingermaaike said...

Absolutely fantastic selection, so great to see all this amazing artwork collected together like this!

kathiroussel said...

beautifully done through and through-- it was great tuning in each day. thanks so much for all of your efforts!!

noblegnome said...

What a treat this series has been. You managed to pick such a great variety of items and they are all so beautiful I hope to be invited to some weddings soon so there's an excuse to go shopping!

maisy and alice said...

I've so enjoyed following this series, you have both done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for featuring my bookmark and for the time you have taken putting it all together!

Silvia66 said...

Really this is a great team! I have enjoyed following this collection! Thank you very much for including me here!

anakim said...

The last day is beautiful! thanks so much for the wonderful work you've done here.

Michelle said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have found this blog!!! great team!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful items