Seven Days of Wedding Fever, Day Five

The Artisan Wedding Challenge
by Pey of Peylu/folkartvision and Annette of Dragonhouseofyuen

Follow us through this seven-day event
and say I Do to these handmade,
original and joyful items selected just for you.

Day 5,
Bride and Groom,
Wedding / Honeymoon

Pey's picks, part 1

Anntte's picks of jewelry

Annette's picks for
honeymoon/ home

  1. ZoeChen
  2. TheJoyofColor
  3. Hodakapottery
  4. artish
  5. thelittlereddoor
  6. isabelamyo
  7. kathiroussel
  8. Xenotees
  9. LynnCardwellPottery
  10. StudioElan
  11. jill2day
  12. malam

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Coming Saturday,

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen,


ira said...

Oh what a wonderful pick! Thank you so much for choosing my Petit too:)

PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun said...

Wonderful picks!! I'm so enjoying everything!!
Forums said to suggest groom's items - I hope this is the right place: I have a section of cuff links:

pey said...

Thank you, Alice, for the cuff links, get it. hee hee,
I had it in the back of my mind to put some in and totally forgot, blame it on the pretty jewelry pieces !

masaoms said...

Great selection!! Thank you for include my pearls necklace! ;-)

Michelle said...

What can I say?

WolfeWoman said...

Sophisticated, elegant,hip,and unique!!! Each day just gets better and better. thanks for the curation and to all the talented artisans who make these special pieces.

MissBird said...

Such a gorgeous collection!!
Very delicate, romantic and elegant!!
Its a honor to be here!! Thank you!! :)

munieca said...

Fantastic selection!!!
great work everyone!!

kathiroussel said...

-- each time i visit i'm wowed by your beautiful collections pey and annette. thank you for all the fabulous work you've done, and for including my ring and necklace in day 5 ( i love the number 5!). best to you both-- can't wait to see the next selections for the upcoming days!

anakim said...

Amazing collection!
Thanks so much girls, you've done a terrific job here!

Kanokwalee said...

Wow, these are beautiful selections. Glad to be included among these awesome artisans. Thank you

NewMoonStudio said...

Oh wow! These are just perfect! Love them all!

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous collections once again!!

ixela said...

Thank you so much for the feature and for your lovely wedding posts... great work!!!

Decorate the Diva said...

Beautiful treasuries!!! Thank you for including my earrings in your wedding choices!!! ~Renee

IsabelAmyo said...

It's a lovely selection ! Thank you so much to included my Romantic Blossom skirt. I like being part of all these talents...

KnotOriginal said...

This is such a thrill to look through your fabulous collections and to see what you'll come up with next! Thank you Pey and Annette!

Victoria Webb said...

They just keep getting better and better. Any front pages yet? Love everything!

YAEL said...

Stunning collections!!! Love them all!
Thank you so much for the fabulous work and extra effort!!!!

Silvia66 said...

Wonderful picks! Its a honor to be here!! Thank you,

TheJoyofColor said...

What a project, every day is a new surprise , thank you so much for including my bride and groom !1

noblegnome said...

I love this challenge so much and it's nice to see how many different choices there are for a handmade wedding. Thank you for including my earrings.

Annette F Tait said...

So glad everyone is enjoying the Wedding collections!
Pey and I had rather a few sleepless online Canada-Scotland nights :)
thank goodness for etsy convos!
- the choices are phenomenal and I'm so impressed with the exceptional talent I've come across - I've been thru (nearly) every item in everyone's shop!
so hard to choose 'just 12'!
many thanks, Annette

Marie said...

thank you so much for including something of mine :-) I am amazed at all the creations, such beautiful choices! Well done for putting the selections together!!

Agustina Fernandez said...

Great selection!! Thank you for include my line and point pendant!

nitca said...

wonderful wedding picks, thanks for including my scarf :)