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Camouflage Arm Warmer or Leg Warmers by artish

Eco nuno top bolero shrug by Vilte

article by Paula of PaulaArt

I've been browsing through the facebook photo album to see what the artisans have been posting in their categories. Today we are highlighting clothing! Buying handmade clothing isn't just a luxury these days, its a fantastic way to support artists and give back to an individual instead of a nameless box store. Buying something as personal as wearable art should be pleasurable! Why leave your home and drive all over when you can come here and see a plethora of fashion from all over the world! We'd like to think we have some of the most talented people on our team, most of whom will custom make clothing and tailor to your needs when it comes to size or color. If you are new to online buying, the buying guide walks you through how to buy on etsy. We also suggest you read shipping policies for each buyer and we encourage you to communicate with the seller if you have any questions.

You can see all of the categories on our sidebar. Below are the team members listed in our 'clothing' category.

We invite you to join our facebook fan page and browse the Artisans Gallery Team photo album to see pictures of works currently offered by our team artisans!


TheJoyofColor said...

Great finds Paula and fantastic informative post

artish said...

Thank you Paula! Very honoured to be here among some wonderful artists... that bolero is gorgeous.

And now I'm off to visit facebook!

contact.isabelamyo said...

I'm very happy to be part of your selection for the presentation of our clothing category among all these wonderful artisans.

paula said...

Beautiful works everyone! We will be finding more so go upload photos in your categories!

Monica said...

Such a wide variety of clothing and all so beautiful!

WolfeWoman said...

Beautiful works of wearable art! The Handmade Revolution movement was started by young fashion designers who didn't want to work for corporate fashion firms, and started their own internet businesses instead! Our team has fine examples of why this is a great idea!