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article by Jill of glazedOver

There is so much talent on the Artisans Gallery Team. Introductions begin with Andrea, our Spanish translator and the artistic genius behind the charming art , paper jewelry & paper crafts shop munieca.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Andrea, but I prefer my alias “munieca” which means “doll.” I’m 29 years old and I live in Argentina with my two boys, my husband, and my dog. In addition to my art, I am a professor of general education and am also a student of Cinema and Photography. In my spare time, I love to read books, watch movies, and sleep as little as I can get away with because 24 hours in a day just aren’t enough for me.

How did you come to be fluent in more than one language?
My native language is Spanish, but I learned some English and French while in school. Sadly, I have forgotten most of the French that I learned, but not so my English. That improved especially when I was as a teenager because I had a habit of translating songs, movies and things I found on the internet.

Artisans Gallery Team Munieca Queen Paper Doll

Queen Paper Doll, Measures: 1.6 x 1.1 inches.

Have you ever worked as a translator for the Press, because we think you’re so good that you probably could.
Oh no!! I’ve never even given that a thought! I'm not very good .. I think my English isn’t as good as it could be. I understand more when I read. I find it more difficult when I have to write and please don’t ask me to speak.
Tell us about your Etsy shop muneica.
At my etsy shop you can find art, that showcases a colorful world filled with little girls, birds, and flowers. I love to work with paper, watercolors and occasionally some digital elements. When I’m feeling more crafty, I create paper jewelry, romantic jewelry and accesories for girly girls.

Artisans Gallery Team Munieca Lady Butterfly

Lady Butterfly of the Hope
11.7 in x 8.3 inches

Tell us one quick or funny story.

Hehehe, oh my! First let me just say that I’m not terribly funny. Although I can't quickly think of a funny story, I do remember that when I was a child the other kids call me “grandma”!! I'm serious, that’s true actually. I do have a ridiculous side, especially when I dress. I love ridiculous shoes!!! :D
Teach us how to say something in Spanish.
I’d be glad to! When you comment on treasuries, you can use these short sentences:
Me encanta!!! ---> I love it!!
Hermosa selección!! ---> Beautiful selection!!
Amigos, creo que soy adicta a etsy! ---> Guys, I think I'm an etsyholic!!

Artisan Gallery Team Munieca Paloma doll

Did we forget to ask you anything important?

I don’t think so. You’ve pretty much covered it.
For more about munieca or to peek over her shoulder:
Facebook fan page


earmark said...

Love this! Great little feature about a fellow team mate! Hope to see some of your silly shoes in the future!

Me encanta!!! :)

YAEL said...

I love munieca's work!
I have bought several prints of her and they are beautiful!
It is really nice to know the person behind the prints…


YAEL said...


Sarah John Afana said...

A sweet little glimpse into her world, thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

Hi Munieca,

it is so nice to read about you and
to know a bit more about you!
Your Work is amazing!
Thank you very much for sharing!

StudioZen said...

Hola Munieca!
I enjoyed reading your interview and its so nice to see the lovely face behind the shop. ~Leah

Star of the East said...

So much fun to find out more about Munieca! Amazing how you have free time left, super woman :D


twoknit said...

Donde estudias Cine? con Subiela ?

munieca said...

thank you!!

Martha, no,yo estudié en la Universidad nacional de cordoba.. la de Subiela es muy exclusiva ;)
de hecho yo vivo en cordoba, asi que me quedaba mejor.

paula said...

welcome! nice to know more about you Munieca. thank you for being the translator!

Monica said...

It's so nice to know more about you and your lovely work!

Your English is fabulous and thanks for the few Spanish lines...I'll start using some of them :)

TheJoyofColor said...

This is a fantastic interview, its so nice to know more about your coetsian (your favorit)
Andera your work is beautiful
Yael = Thejoyofcolor

TheJoyofColor said...

Oh I love spanish though i don't speak the language but going to addopt the sentences you gave us

gretchenmist said...

lovely to read a little about munieca. i love her work :)

Kendra Zvonik said...

Me encanta!
Great to learn more about you and I really enjoy your work!
Very curious about your ridiculous shoes- need pics!

twolefthands said...

What a great interview! It's funny kids called you Grandma when you are such a little cutie patootie! Love your work!

kathiroussel said...

munieca-- you are as charming and wonderful as your work-- i love the spirit of your watercolors. very light hearted and up lifting. i share a love for film as well-- and not sleeping!

thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with your little guys-- they grow so fast..

KnotOriginal said...

You're absolutely adorable Andrea... Not just a little doll, but an angel for your patience in helping the techno-challenged!

WickedSoaps said...

munieca, it was so great to meet you and learn more about your work. Your shop is lovely!


aroluna said...

Hi my friend!!! it was a happy moment to find this cute interview! It's so nice and so youuuu! You are so positive and helpful! See you around!

anakim said...

Wonderful interview! It's great to meet the person behind the art and your English is perfect:)
Thanks so much for sharing.

Kristina Sabaite (krize) said...

a big big kiss to munieca, she is so cute and a very great person!!! Viva munieca! :)

*Evelyn* said...

Andrea you are beautiful !!
i love learn more about you and your work!!

elde said...

Your shop is really very nice!!Thanks for beautiful sharing!

ingermaaike said...

What a fun read, thank you for showing a bit of the girl behind the wonderful creations!

WolfeWoman said...


You look exactly as I've pictured you! I love browsing through your shop to see your wonderful new creations!

Munieca is part of what makes this team work by bringing us all together for bilingual conversation. Muchas gracias.
Amigos, creo que soy adicta a etsy!

And thank you, Jill, for a great post.

Lee/OneClayBead on Etsy

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

What a lovely interview! I really enjoy seeing the faces behind the artwork.

Both you and your work are so beautiful!

niu said...

I love munieca's work and she's a great person and mate too!!! I really enjoy finding and reading this interview!! Cómo te lo montas para hacer tantas cosas munie????? profesora, madre, estudiante y artista productiva???? cuéntanos el secreto please...un beso grande!

Anonymous said...

My daughter still loves her munieca earrings!
Thanks for sharing your story!

Victoria Webb said...

Always fun to read about other artists! Thanks for sharing~

BlueTerracotta said...

Finally get to see the beautiful girl who makes those beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing with us ♥

f2images said...

Hermosa selección Munieca!! Thank you for teaching us some spanish today! I love the whimsy in your work...it's absolutely charming!

Emiko :)

contact.isabelamyo said...

Me I enjoy know people who hide behind their creations. I like to put a face to a name. We're so behind all our computer!
Delighted munieca from France !
I like what you make