Artisans Gallery Team First Friday September

First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

Here is one of our new upcycled wool Halloween dress costumes, sewn and needle felted to be a comfortable, eco friendly and all-natural dress-up choice. We also have a green frog, a red fox and a bluebird, with more on the way. -SewnNatural

I found the driftwood to make these tealight holders washed ashore surrounded by woodland ferns. I think there is something magical about wandering a shoreline; moss, ferns and mushrooms are full of inspiration! Perfect for the Thanksgiving Season! - TwigsandBlossoms

Our exploration into texture continues with our raku fired mosaic clay tile Christmas ornaments. Our studio is surrounded by trees and nature and is a constant inspiration for our designs. They are much like snowflakes--all beautiful, but no two are alike. -romyandclare
Our new pottery art bird necklaces! A bright red cardinal to match the fall colors of turning leaves. -wolfartglass

Marci worked on her large poppy bowls just before she left for college. It takes some advanced clay skills to make a hand built bowl this large. Care must be taken to dry the piece evenly or it will warp and slump. Marci's graceful flower shapes come from her deepening understanding of stoneware clay. -MarciG

The colour of Autumn/Fall what inspired me to make this clutch and I love this exotic fabric too. -Iragrant

I am trying to keep ahead of the seasons,but I really don't like having fall come early. But we do have ripe pumpkins already in our garden! -EvesLittleEarthlings

I often look to the outside for color inspiration... the trees will be looking like these in no time! -Firelily
The fabric is from a vintage scarf from the early 70s. Since retro is the trend (I've seen bell bottoms at Anthropologie!) I thought this would make a great accessory. -Waterrose

perfect match with Autumn colors! -steinschmuckdesign

We are living early Autumn in Paris! Forever chic wool. -ikabags

My fox wedding cake topper would be marvelous for an Autumn woodland-themed Wedding. -bonjourpoupette

An amazing stone, totally one of a kind, set in sterling silver. -anakim
Their golden mustard colors fits so nicely end of summer and autumn trends -TheJoyofColor

My goal is to give my beadwork a contemporary touch! Beaded ear studs in fall fashion color. -Donauluft

Returning to study back to school - SleeWay

I had a custom order for an older form of mine- an Art Deco dragonfly mug, and now I can't stop making them! I think the form has so much personality. - OneClayBead

A lovely pine green for the evergreens of autumn. -PoleStar


Viktoria said...

beautiful friday finds! happy weekend all!

ira said...

I always love this post Jen, thank you so much!

anakim said...

Makes my Friday happy:)

VerbenaPlace said...

Beautiful finds! I love looking at these!

IKABAGS said...

Great as always !

Thank you so much Jen !

Have a wonderful weekend !

steinschmuckdesign said...

Absolutely wonderful Jen,
Thank you!!!

Waterrose said...

Lovely way to begin the month!

Decorate the Diva said...

Love, Love, LOVE all the items here!!!

Donata said...

Lovely Friday post!Thank you,Jen!
Happy weekend all!

TheJoyofColor said...

Thanks so much Jen
It looks like we are going to have such great fall with these beautiful finds :-)

Sofie said...

Thank you for including my foxes. I am so impressed with everyone's work and honored to be included!

IreneSin (。◕ ‿ ◕。)ノ❤ said...

what a lovely group of creative arts and handmades :)

Mariagrazia C. said...

really love all the items!!!! I'm following you, bella! Hope you can also follow my blog! Mary
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