Pinterest and TumblR Strategies for Promotion

To successfully use Pinterest and TumblR to promote your own work and that of our team, you must first attract a following. That following is most effective when it consists of as many non- Etsy shops as possible, since just trading pins with those who already know your work is useless. Yes, you can fill your team promo points by opening a Pinterest or TumblR account and filling your quota of team submissions, but it won’t help your teammates, and most importantly, it won’t help you!

To be effective, create boards and posts with unusual and narrowly focused content, especially when you are beginning. Plan to spend hours the first week finding great content that fits your own chosen themes.

On my Tumbleblog, I gained a following early on  by posting unusual content. Over time I added some of my own and that of our team. Although I don’t add team submissions every day, when I do, they are seen by people who aren’t already familiar with your work, and that’s the goal!

I am just getting a handle on Pinterest but find it highly promising. I am getting more views from there than TumblR now. If you see my boards on Pinterest, you will find team work, and my own, scattered throughout. One kiss of death is to have a pinboard named “AGTeam” or “Etsy”, as people will unfollow just that board. It is better to place your promotions strategically throughout your other boards, and surround them with powerful, moving, engaging imagery.

Since Pinterest gets more views for our shops, I am now using TumblR to find great content for my pin boards, and pinning team work among that. This became clear when my own bird plates were chosen on TumblR as a featured tag for #crafts, and were endlessly reblogged. The traffic to my Etsy shop was minimal. The same plates on Pinterest, were only repinned a handful of times, but are generating up to 10 views in my Etsy shop/ week.

I’d love to hear your Pinterest and TumblR experiences!

by Lee Wolfe/ OneClayBead


Waterrose said...

Pineterest is sooooo addicting. I have found a lot of unusual things there that I've further enjoyed looking at. It has certainly added to my obsession of collecting door pictures...lol

ira said...

Oh love Pinterest too, I found that I've got new followers everytimeI pins bunch of interesting stuff!

IKABAGS said...

If i have a time I am looking and really I found lots of beautiful things .
And i have visitors from there and i saw they are pinning my pin list and they like it :)

Great :))

Thanks Lee

Genevieve said...

I just started a pinterest myself because i really like the format. I like that is highly visual and doesn't involve a lot of writing (or as a viewer, a lot of reading).
Thanks for keeping us educated, Lee (and for using my earrings).

Anonymous said...

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Will be coming back,

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

love your insight Lee ~ i find i just put these things together on blind instinct rather than planning end results {different kind of brain i guess}, but it is nice to have a foundation to base this on :)

steinschmuckdesign said...

I just join Pinterest,
need some time to find my way there, so I can`t say much about it.
I loved Tumblr, but it seems Pinterest has more Fans of our Team.
Thanks Lee for the Input, I will try to combine my Tumblr blog with Pinterest :)
But it all needs time...