Artisans Gallery Team First Friday August

First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

I've taken a bit of time to make my jewelry with One Clay Bead, the original concept for this shop. Here is a piece from the My Tribe collection- OneClayBead

Stormy here and the white on blue reminds me of lightening - Waterrose

Local Wine Festival at the beginning of Autumn. -IraGrant

This Sea Kelp Collection Organic Cotton crocheted piece is inspired by seaside, sand, and fun in the sun. -TickledPinkKnits

I called these women ballet flats house shoes Gea - I was inspired by the colours nature shows during summer and early fall while bathed in the sun. Gea, Gaia means Earth in ancient Greek / also name of the Primordial Earth-goddess from Greek mythology -LaLaShoes

These earrings are inspired by my garden's final exuberant burst of color in August into September of asters, coneflowers and anemones. - fussjewelry

Last days of blue sky before grey autumn - anakim

We are always inspired by the nature that surrounds our studio. We enjoy incorporating texture and semiprecious stones into our raku clay tile mosaic wall art. -romyandclare

Vacation time we are free like birds! -ikabags

August is the month of peridot. - beyondtherockz

Thinking of beginning fall ...and warm earth tones, maybe of wearing a light camel wool coat... and these globes made of precious, old, light brown glass roccailles. -Donauluft

A big, cushy 100% organic play mat - made originally for our new baby son and now available as a custom order in our shop. a beautiful non toxic alternative for tummy time that's almost 14 square feet and filled with organic cotton quilt batting. -SewnNatural

Harvest colors inspiration! - steinschmuckdesign

Inspired by late summer evening dinners with friends. The last of summer's fresh fruits and vegetables served in bowls of bright, bold, warm weather hues. -suiteonestudio

Inspired by the end of summer and hazy hot days. -PoleStar


GlitzGlitter said...

All of these beauties are making me long for fall!

IKABAGS said...

They are looks wonderful !

Thanks so much Jen !

Viktoria said...

Lots of inspirations! Thanks!!!

steinschmuckdesign said...

Oh I could fill my shopping card here :)
Thanks so much Jen!!!

Waterrose said...

Such talent in this group and creativity!

ira said...

How wonderful they are together! thank you so much Jen!:)

WolfeWoman said...

Such amazing creativity!
Lee/ OneClayBead

gaudblogvrudaii said...

Wonderful work!
Thank you Jen!

Daria, LaLaShoes

Decorate the Diva said...

Gorgeous items!!!

VerbenaPlace said...

Wonderful items!!

Vasu said...

Amazing stuff, so beautiful, love them all


anakim said...

Wonderful! thanks so much!