Garnet - the stone of love and devotion

Happy New Year!

Garnet is the stone that represents the month of January and the most common hue of garnet is a lovely deep red. It is said to be a stone of love, passion, inspiration and self confidence.

by MarKhed

Garnet comes from the Latin word granatum which means seed. It was given this name due to its resemblance of the pomegranate fruit.

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by PoleStar

There is a Greek myth relating to garnet. A young goddess, Persephone, was taken by the god of the underworld, Hades. He released her, but tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds which guaranteed her return to him.

by VerbenaPlace

Garnet jewelry has been dated back to the Bronze age. This stone is found all over the modern world from Arizona to South Africa to Myanmar and beyond!

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by Raceytay

I wish you all a wonderful 2011 full of love, passion and self confidence!


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Oh, I so love Garnet with his deep Vine red color!
This is such a wonderful post,
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Bring on the garnets! A beautiful collection!
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Beautiful Garnet!

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What a gorgeous collection of garnets and reds!

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very very lovely items:) Happy New Year

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