Welcome New Members! - Part 2

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amaliaversaci                     mariagotijoyas
Bottom Row
iomiss                              papermode

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yoola                                  3squares 
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Donauluft                          wolfartglass

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ThongbaiTatong                          bbusbyarts
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texturesgallery                           annafabo

...Next week: Part 3!


Thongbai Tatong said...

Thank you so much for the introduction. It is so nice to finally be part of the AG Team!

paula said...

great selections betsy, and welcome new members!

Sherry said...

welcome everyone, your work is amazing!

Annette F Tait said...

welcome to everyone :)
beautiful work!

Amalia Versaci said...

This is such a beautiful mini-intro and it makes me even more excited to be on the team! :) There is so much extraordinary work here and I'm honored to be included! Thank you very much for everything and I look forward to more great posts!

Sigmosaics said...

wow Betsy, what a beautiful intro for these gorgeous shops! can't wait to see part 3! welcome everyone :)

donauluft said...

wonderful introduction!
Thank you! I am really happy to be in this Team now!

gretchenmist said...

welcome :)

YooLa said...

This is a very nice way to introduce us newcomers, its great to feel so welcomed.

earmark said...

Welcome to the team! All of you have such wonderful talents! So happy to have you in the Artisan Guild!

WolfeWoman said...

Welcome everyone!! Our treasuries are going to be even more awesome with these new beauties to include!

Sigalit said...

welcome to everyone :)
What a gorgeous items collection!!

L'Accent Nou - creative projects said...

Hey, congrats, guys!