Friday: What are you working on now?

It's been awhile since we've done a Friday 'What are you working on now?' post.  I'm happy to say that we have two people who have posted on our flickr forum so I finally get to share their process with you!

The first is our Team Leader, Lee of OneClayBead.  Lee makes Handmade Stoneware, Pottery and Indie Jewelry.  With over 30 years of experience, Lee creates masterful work!  You can find beautiful functional and decorative works on her site, she even gift wraps and offers Bridal Registry pieces which you can see here.  Below is a look at her "Ravens and Doves' process shot:

My Nana's lace tablecloth is pressed into the soft clay with a brayer tool. The bowl is formed as the clay stiffens. Each bird is sculpted individually by hand and then applied to the rim. My intention with this piece is to emulate the organic lines of birds in the bowl itself. I've named these pieces "Raven Consultation" and "Peace Conference".

This was listed in her Etsy shop and sold already!  Here is what the finished piece looks like:

Next is Sarah John Afana of the same Etsy Shop name.  Sarah creates original artwork, fine art prints and photographs as well as handmade scarves and other seasonal crafts  She has had a burst of inspiration this summer, I've watched as her techniques, palette and vision has morphed into a wonderful new body of work in just the last few months! Here is one of her newer works, a kaleidoscope piece called 'Revolution".

1. Pattern Pieces-templates are created for all the shards of the kaleidoscope.
2. Cutting Pieces-the templates are then traced onto altered paper (Recycled pages of National geographic that have been marbled) and cut out
3. Layout Closeup-all the pieces of the kaleidoscope before collage
4. center star-the beginning of the collage
5. Below: Revolution-finished image!
Thank you ladies for sharing your before and after photos!  I hope to see you all next week with more new works in progress!


WolfeWoman said...

Thanks for these posts, Paula! I love seeing new works as they emarge from our talented team!

who.knows.what.dreams.may.go said...

very cool. it is so interesting to see a bit of the process behind the finished art.

happy weekend!

Sarah John Afana said...

Thank you Paula for this perfect forum to share my process~I always find the creation as interesting as the finished work.

Michelle said...

Love it,
its like before and after!!!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing your process & thanks for the post!

betsy bensen said...

excellent. Thanks for the insight into the process!

Sigmosaics said...

definately a gorgeous post paula .. the textural process of Lee's bowls is lovely - i've constantly got my eye on those bowls! Sarah's art is amazing, so interesting to see how it is pieced together, fantastic colors!

Star of the East said...

Love both processes and results, thanks for sharing!

Annette F Tait said...

really love these studio shots!
amazingly gorgeous raven and dove bowls, so adorable, and so much work goes into Sarah's art, incredible1
thanks for posting these Paula