What are you working on now?

Marie of Markhed Design has installed the making of: Franken Heart.  Here are of few highlights of the intricate process that goes into the making of her wonderful jewelry.You can see the whole process on her blog.  Thank you for sharing this Marie, its fascinating!

visit her Etsy Shop to see the final result!

You might recall in May one of our Friday 'what are you working on now?' posts included a cello that Lynn was adding Mosaic to.  She has finished it and here are the dramatic results!  Beautiful work Lynn, thanks for sharing!


twolefthands said...

Wow, you are amazing Marie! I loved seeing the process and adore the Frankenstein Heart, very clever!

Michelle said...

Fantastic Marie,
so impressing to see how you work,
thanks so much for sharing!!!

Annette F Tait said...

exceptional!! Marie's heart process is thorough indeed!
and I love Lynn's delicate cello work, beautifully laid out and very desireable,
thank you ladies, for sharing :)

lynncpots said...

Thanks for featuring me in this series, Paula! I love Marie's Franken Heart. It's neat to see her process.

anakim said...

Thanks for sharing Marie - it looks so familiar:)