Artisans Gallery Team First Friday, March 2012

First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

Header photo by LittleBeanPrints, With the arrival of spring I am out in the dirt ready to nurture the garden. This piece is to be a reminder of the care we should use when tending to our ideas. And if we do treat them with care, who knows where they might go?

Our rainbow-colored organic 8" Waldorf-inspired dolls come holding a handcrafted wooden teether and make a sweet spring gift for a new baby. -SewnNatural

It is a tradition of Slavic painters eggs for Easter, in all families of the countries of Eastern Europe are painted eggs to celebrate Easter, and I like my mother is from the Czech Republic I wanted this tribute to my mother and this beautiful tradition that do not excite in France. -PhotographyDream

Welcoming spring and Easter with personalized print of easter eggs -TheJoyofColor

Spring feeling, -steinschmuckdesign

Hand-knit in lightweight and ultra-soft organic merino wool, this romantic scarflette with delicate floral ties is the perfect accessory for early spring. -TickledPinkKnits

Inspired by a February getaway to the Bahamas -EvesLittleEarthlings

Its stylish feminine design and durable finish makes it ideal for business or travel. -ikabags

One of a kind ring made of silver and Australian Variscite perfect foe the coming spring -anakim

A Spring green March birthstone necklace. -PoleStar

To celebrate the sloughing off of winter I made three happy carrot people in anticipation of new gardens and spring vegetables! -BonjourPoupette

Aurelie Hobo Bag, the perfect Spring and Summer Bag... -iragrant

I've been making my flower bowls as both nesting bowl sets and in multiples of the same size. This one is in Plum. The matching bowls will have the same shape and size, but a unique glaze color inside. -OneClayBead

"Summer Swing" is inspired by the unfettered feeling of summer break as a child with an empty rope swing and discarded school shoes lying on the ground nearby. -TuckooandMooCow

From my series about our unending desire to reach upward, to attain the freedom of flight and to soar instinctively and see the world as the birds do. -MyAntarctica

We first created these portrait art tiles as gifts for our mother's. We think it would make a sweet Mother's Day gift, bridal gift, or would make a nice memento for a special person in your life. -romyandclare


ira said...

They all look pretty Jen! Thank you so much:)

anakim said...

Thanks so much Jen - wonderful spring collection! I love to see your necklace next to my ring - it makes a lovely set:)

Marie said...

What a wonderful collection! Yay spring!

IKABAGS said...

Such a great post before spring !

They looks formidable !

Thank you so much for your time !

IKABAGS said...
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Nicolas Hall said...

Awesome first friday collection Jen, thank you for all of your work!


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Sofie said...

so wonderful to see all of these fresh pieces together!