Everyday Handmade: Dreaming of Spring

Happy New Year! I hope you're having a wonder-filled beginning to your 2012!

Outside my window as I write this, the wind is howling and the whole scene is gray and white. It's deep winter here in Boulder, Colorado! And yet . . . I'm dreaming of spring. I've been obsessively reading gardening books and planning out all that I will grow this year, even though our last frost date here is in the middle of May. Wishful thinking I suppose! I thought some of you out there might be able to relate and could use a little fanciful warm-up (and who doesn't love spring anyway?). So here it goes, some visions of spring for this installment of Everyday Handmade:

For me this is the quintessential image of spring---the blooming trees. I fall in love with them every year, and this photo by Eye Poetry Photography captures them perfectly. Find it here.

And spring wouldn't be possible without the bees, and these Crocheted Bumble Bees by Sabahnur are just the cutest. Find them here.

This delicate watercolor illustration of Rose Mallow by Ali Herrmann carries that sweet, whimsical essence that I love about spring. Find it here.

I think these Spring Tree Coasters by Monika Design are the perfect way to dream of spring while in the dead of winter---slide your cup of tea onto one of these and you'll be transported. Find them here.

Who wouldn't like to carry around some little butterflies with them during the cold season? These 3D Goldfilled Butterfly Earrings by Terminy are just the ticket. Find them here.

Last but not least, doesn't this Green Field Spring photo by Photography Dream just make you want to run out and frolic in this field? I would like to go there right now! Find it here.

Thanks so much for escaping with me! Have a wondrous and warm day!


Eve's Little Earthlings said...

Beautiful Items! I try to keep my mind on enjoying a break from gardening during the winter, but it would be nice to feel a truly warm breeze on my skin.

VerbenaPlace said...

Lovely words and images! Thank you for this Nicole!

Yann Pendaries said...

merci beaucoup for including my photo i love your selection bravo ;o)

Elena Rosenberg (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

Beautifully infused with the air of spring!