People and Planet First- a call for entries

Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the world to be, and who you want to control it. The intention of People and Planet First is to identify small indie businesses who offer quality gifts for the holiday season that create just, sustainable, and joyful livelihoods. We will encourage these artisan and vintage sellers to tell their individual stories, and spread the word about how we offer alternatives to the perpetuation of Wall Street greed.

Our goal is to raise awareness that indie businesses offer a profound alternative to the Wall Street corporate structure that must produce quarterly profit for stockholders who do no actual work to make any tangible goods. Our businesses support individuals, families, and communities who care about the planet that must support our children and their children.
We would like to invite other Etsy teams to join us! This is a season when we can look past our differences and celebrate the ideals we hold in common. ArtisansGalleryTeam is a group of studio artisans with advanced skills and professional business practices who came together to share our support for the Handmade Movement. Although our team is small and exclusive, we recognize that our values are shared by many other Etsy sellers and teams.

So here is the plan:

1) We will use our team blog as a place to coordinate and promote our own interpretation of People and Planet First. We invite all interested Etsy teams to participate!
2) From 11/21 – 12/18, we will link to other teams who post on their own team blog about how they support People and Planet First. Leave a comment on our blog (here) to get on our calendar. Ideally, we want a post every single day for the duration!
3) We ask that participating teams add the People and Planet First widget to the team blog, so that others can find the other participants, and follow the series. This should be in place from 11/21-12/18. It will link to our blog, with the calendar for all participating team blogs.
4) We ask each participating team to make special gift guides on their blog post day that celebrate People and Planet First. These should be tagged Peopleandplanetfirst, etsyteamtreasury, and also with your own team tag.
5) We ask that no coupon codes, discounts, or donations to charitable causes be offered in conjunction with People and Planet First. Unless you are making corporate CEO pay, you deserve full price for your hard work! If your team is doing that, please just keep the promotion separate.

What can you write about? You can pick one team member or several to discuss your indie business lifestyle, what the money you earn pays for or allows you to do, and how eco friendly practices are part of your business model and personal life. If you would like to write a researched piece on the power of supporting small businesses, that is fine also.

Want to join us? Just leave a comment saying so below. Sarah of TuckooandMooCow will contact you with your day to blog, our People and Planet First button, and instructions to post it on your blog. This will allow your readers to find the other posts, and let others find you as well. If your team wants to publicize our awareness campaign, let us know that, too.
Thank you for your consideration. We wish you a joyful and prosperous holiday season.


Viktoria said...

Great activity! It is high time that people get real and realize that consumption is a strong factor of power!

Genevieve said...

Count me in!

steinschmuckdesign said...

Fantastic!!! Thank you very much for bringing this up!

adriana said...

Hi there, my name is Adriana and I'm captain of Team Serendipity on Etsy. We would love to participate. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!

adriana said...

Sorry, you can convo me at ripecardsandjewelry and my team's page is: http://www.etsy.com/teams/10048/team-serendipity