First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

I´m inspired of the colors of the fall nature, heather and olive green. ~birribe
This leaf reflects the changing season from green summer to brown Fall~ TheJoyofColor

This necklace was inspired by all of the acorns I seem to be stepping on when I go on my walks these days and by the beauty of fall~tuckooandmoocow

A neckwarmer in a rich earthy tone is a great addition to the fall wardrobe. ~TickledPinkKnits

Already thinking of Christmas :) ~steinschmuckdesign

Dipping into our stash of Marimekko fabrics, we made a few new fall throw pillow shams like this one. The orchid purple paired with the green is bold, mod and soothing all at the same time. ~SewnNatural

Opal for the birthstone of October, I love the buttery rich golden tones of this gem. ~PoleStar

We are always inspired by the nature that surrounds us. Our friends were looking for a substantial serving piece for their Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. We think our pears lend themselves well to this ample platter for holidays or everyday use. ~rombyandclare

The antique bronze wire utilized in this cuff - reminds me of fall and the various shades of orange pearls remind me of everything pumpkin - which I love about the Fall season. Off to grab a pumpkin latte!~lapisbeach

I'm releasing the last few ornaments made using two of my favorite papers, together in a special set that is perfect for Halloween ~kissadesign

I´m inspired of the autumn trees and flowers and I used anti satin cotton canvas for cold and rainy days , flap is with beautiful fall color mix and upcyled . ~ikabags

I am finally in the mood for fall ! ~ EvesLittleEarthlings

A new shape for our smaller reflective pendant and I love this color for Fall! ~VerbenaPlace

Nature painted tree leaves in autumn.This is natural process. My silk scarf dyed with rust.It is a natural process too. The time,warm environment and air creates a wonderful painting on silk.~DonataFelt

I love the Legend of Sleep Hollow. This is my homage to the tale and the season of Halloween! ~bounjourpoupette

Carnelian necklace in fall colors.~anakim


WolfeWoman said...

These are so wonderful! As i was scrolling, I kept saying to myself, "This is the best one", and then the next one was just as wonderful!
Lee/ OneClayBead

GlitzGlitter said...

Stunning! I would like one of each!

Viktoria said...

wonderful finds!
love the neckwarmer

Sofie said...

What an especially lovely collection!

anakim said...

Gorgeous warm and fabulous seasonal collection! thanks Jen!

TuckooandMooCow said...

Fantastic Fall items! Thank you!

IKABAGS said...

Fantastic fall post :)

Thank you so much Jen !

Happy autumn girls :)

TheJoyofColor said...

The look all so good together
a nice fall collection
thanks Jen

Lauren said...

Totally stunning work! Happy Fall Everyone!
Thank you Jen:)

Marie said...

So wonderful! I love that sweet little face in the item from Eveslittleearthlings! Too cute!