Artisans Gallery First Friday

First Friday is an Artisans Gallery Team monthly series where we showcase the new work of our member artisans.

kissadesign says about the piece featured above, "Freshly crafted in my studio garden, my Stemmed Star Urchins take on a floral form reminiscent of dahlias or globe thistles.

Actually the inspiration is my daughter, she has lots of stuff for her activities! Hubby and I need a bag that we can use together to keep her gear and our iPad. -iragrant

Perfect for summer - fresh and delicate color. -anakim

No matter Spring Summer Autumn or Winter, this fit perfect everyday. - steinschmuckdesign

In anticipation of a hot summer, I made a poupette inspired by the Fennec Fox of the Sahara. They are the smallest fox in the world and have very large ears that help them disperse body heat. -bonjourpoupette

We always find inspiration in the nature that surrounds our studio. In this wall art we incorporate texture into our work with these raku fired, hand carved, mosaic tiles. - romyandclare

Currently I ´m moving towards creating some minimalistic, pendants which I think go well with pure, cool unicolor linen fabric! - Donauluft

The "Sail Away" Cowl is hand-knit in an airy stitch out of pure cotton yarn; it's lightweight and versatile, and make a perfect summer travel accessory. -TickledPinkKnits

My inspiration is the beach of course and we got to go over the weekend for the first time this season. I really love this one particular restaurant that has great food with an ocean view! -SignsbyDiane

My inspiration comes from the flowers blooming in my garden - EvesLittleEarthlings

I've made a new necklace. Sisters/ friends. The Pendant is silver plated and comes with a Silver Plated Ball Chain - LouisestArt

Alfresco unisex messenger from ikabags

This is a new series of hand built platters I am working on. This one has textures from ferns and lace, with organic edges. OneClayBead

I painted flying home as the last stork leaves now Israel to europe and mark
the change from spring to summer
. -TheJoyofColor

The combined colors of gold and silver highlighting the soft Prehnite remind me of the bright glow of the summer sun on tree leaves. -PoleStar

"Lee Wolfe's weekly editorial will be published on Saturday. This week it is "Copy or Inspiration- Where do You Draw the Line".


anakim said...

Wonderful summer finds! thanks a lot:)

GlitzGlitter said...

One of each, please!

IKABAGS said...

Beautiful handmade collection for 2011 summer !

Thanks so much !

ira said...

They all look great together Jen, thank you so much:)

steinschmuckdesign said...

Jen what a beautiful combination,
thanks soooo much!!!!

WolfeWoman said...

It is so much fun to see what new things are emerging from our studios! shine on, team!
Lee/ OneClaybead

VerbenaPlace said...

I love everyone of these items! What a talented team! Thanks for posting these Jen!


Sofie said...

such an honor to have my fox included here! thank you so much for this marvelous collection - very inspiring!

TheJoyofColor said...

Great to see the new items from our members thanks for featuring my stork by by spring welcome summer :-)

Merritt Hyde said...

Wow, stunning new items! Perfect for Summer!

Decorate the Diva said...

Gorgeous picks!!!