Everyday Handmade: Wearable Art

Hello Hello! It's time for this week's round-up of Everyday Handmade! I'm going to be on the move in the next month---I'm moving from my home in Northern California to a new home in Boulder, Colorado! Sadly, this means that this Everyday Handmade series will be taking a little break for the month of June. But first, since all of my art and lovely homey things will be packed up in boxes, I thought I'd search out some portable art---the kind that can go with you on any journey, as it rides along on your person. This week I'm rounding up some lovely wearable art! Here we go!

If you're looking for beautiful whimsical inspiring little pieces, look no further than Lulubug Jewelry. Who wouldn't like a little birdie riding along with them through life? This Little Bird in the Tall Grass necklace is just the ticket. Find it here along with its many other avian friends.

For a little sweetness all day long, Petit Plat has so many amazing tiny treats that you can wear! These Small Scoop Earrings are just one of a myriad of incredible cutenesses that will make your belly rumble. Find them here.

Heather Kent's shop is another not to be missed! It's full to the brim with the very definition of wearable art---miniature original paintings set in wearable forms! Divine! Here's a little creative bling for the men out there---these cuff links are even customizable---you could get your own pet's portrait on them, or anything else you can imagine! Find them here.

And last but not least, carry a little bit of natural wonder along with you with one of Raceytay's gorgeous photo necklaces {she also has rings, earrings, and of course many beautiful full-scaled photos}. This here is the Symphony of Spring locket. Isn't it magical!? You could carry spring along with you all year long! Find it here.

I hope you enjoyed this little round-up!

Now, I will wish you an early Happy June! May you have many wonder-filled days in the next month! See you in July!


GlitzGlitter said...

Adorable finds!

Heather Kent's Art said...

This is a wonderful collection! THANK YOU! Heather

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