Everyday Handmade: Breakfast

Hello! I'm back with the second installment of my new series Everyday Handmade, where I scour the lovely Artisans Gallery Team for beautiful handmade items to enjoy in our everyday lives. Today my theme is breakfast, and here's my lineup for getting your day started off right:

First, a little something to inspire you to make your breakfast with care---a cutting board by Gray Works Design. If ever there was a little bit of poetry in the prep-work of cooking this will inspire it. Indeed you could also serve a divine breakfast to someone special on this cutting board.

And of course, you will need a mug and a bowl, the essential utensils of the morning meal. Just Mare's sweet honeycomb mug and bowl breakfast set would do the job quite nicely and with organic style (find it here):

Last but not least, so you can warm your hands but not burn them, so you can cozy your heart and eyes as well as your belly, you will most definitely need a cup cozy from KnitStorm. She also has cozies for cups on the go---so if you're a jet-set breakfaster, head on over and take a look!

Happy Breakfasting and many sweet mornings to you all!


Jen from SewnNatural said...

yummy ideas! love them!

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

Yum what a cozy breakfast this would be!

Fuss Jewelry said...

My favorite meal of the day--a theme close to my heart!

VerbenaPlace said...

Wonderful breakfast selections, or for any meal!

Monica said...

Wonderful selections for a lovely breakfast!

Natalia said...

Gosh I just love that honeycomb set - adorable!