Welcome New AGTeam Members, Dolls and Handmade Supplies

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Woodland Branch Tree Pillow by EvesLittleEarthlings
  2. Loopy Goth Art Doll Marcy by loopyboopy
  3. Boro Glass Lampwork Beads by Firelilly
  4. Victorian Scarflette by AtelierTPK
  5. Grey Crocheted Jellyfish by sabahnur
We are so excited to invite these new shops to the Artisans Gallery Team, please help us welcome them to our artisan handcrafted community team.


WolfeWoman said...

I'm so happy to be the first to welcome you all to the team! Your work makes team treasuries a pleasure!
Lee/ OneClayBead

Linda said...

Welcome here - I have seen and admired your work for a long while so it's wonderful you're part of the team now!
Linda / PaperPhine