my studio on the move

Artisan studios run the gamut from formal to informal, and truly come in every shape and size. That's part of what makes them so very interesting to peek into.

Ontario-based painter Jane Champagne once said "... a beautiful new studio, with everything possible an artist needs... is intimidating. I'm used to cramped spaces, like cars and kitchens... just looking at the new studio easel makes me want to paint – and run away."

Another painter, Shirley Erskine was quote as saying "I have done some really good work under the worst circumstances and some pretty awful stuff in a well organized, pristine studio."

Perhaps the place is less important than the imagination, the energy and the idea?

Today we have another peek into an Artisans Gallery team member's studio - that of Linda Phine from PaperPhine. Thank you, Linda!

(white paper yarn earrings, by PaperPhine)

According to Linda, "Since my 'studio' tends to be on the move a lot (there is a studio - but nobody is allowed to walk in there .... too dangerous for people who don't know their way around the boxes, bobbins, cones, etc!) any table can turn into a worktable for me a any time. Only need some yarns, hooks and small tidbits..."


artisansgalleryteam said...

Love the idea of crafting wherever time takes me. I also love those creative hands. thank you both!

(Jen polestar for agteam)

Monica said...

How freeing and fun it must be to be able to create wherever you are!

BlueTerracotta said...

I love that the "making" is more important than the exact place!

steinschmuckdesign said...

Hey this is fantastic!

Linda said...

Thanks a lot featuring my "studio" (well, the table that is still abused to be a studio table) - and thanks for your inspiring quotes!
Linda / PaperPhine

Suite One Studio: Lindsay Emery said...

I love the portability of your necessary materials! What a wonderfully fresh way to work! Great little peek into your world!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

interesting post ~ love the quotes, and i'm always interested in seeing people's work spaces. so great that you can work wherever you are :)

WolfeWoman said...

When you have the urge to create from within, whatever space presents itself gets used! my first pottery studio was a closet.
Lee/ OneClaybead