Amethyst - A Regal Hue

"Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence."
Leonardo da Vinci

Amethyst, a violet colored quartz, is the birthstone for February. It is said that amethyst promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It's coloration is principally due to traces of iron.

Purple Amethyst Necklace by Jealousydesign

Amethyst has a long history as a gemstone. It was highly valued in the ancient civilazations of Mesopotamia. They created seals by engraving a religious design and the owner's name. The engraving was then transferred onto legal documents.

The Greeks believed that drinking wine from a cup of amethyst would keep them from becoming intoxicated. This belief stems from a Greek myth in which Dionysus created the stone. There are variations of this myth.

Up to the 18th century amethyst was one of the most valuable gemstones. It was only when large deposits of it were found in places such as Brazil that it dropped in value. It is not uncommon for amethyst geodes to be the size of a human.

Mermaid Necklace by RedChair

Until next month when we discuss Aquamarine!


PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

wow I love all the gorgeous amethyst finds you have here, esp the jellyfish!

Sarah Maccarelli said...

That is gorgeous! I love amethyst and all things purple. Thanks for sharing.

Red Chair said...

Wow, I love these amethyst finds -- thanks for the beautiful February treat!

WolfeWoman said...

What great finds! It's a gorgeous gem and color.
Lee/ oneclaybead

Sabahnur said...

so amazing color,i love it!!
thanks a lot

Jen from SewnNatural said...

Thank you, Monica! I've always loved amethyst - something understated but so incredible about the gem + color.

zigojacko said...

love this! another huge fan of amethyst and everything purple/violet coloured here. loving the amethyst necklace (top pic).

check out this shops range of amethyst jewellery pieces, there are some beautiful items on there :)


Donata said...

Great finds!

Waterrose said...

beautiful color and creations!