Artisans Gallery Team First Friday

We are proud to introduce a new monthly series on our blog based on the First Friday community events many cities enjoy. Every first Friday of each month we will highlight new work selected by their creators with short commentary for each piece. Enjoy!

Above you see the wonderful Fawn Slouchy Hat by LoveandKnit and she says, it is comfortable, warm and stylish. We agree!

We found a trio of antique linen doilies with Battenburg lace trim, and I hand embroidered "love" in the middle of them. Then my mom (and shop partner) sewed them into sweet red heart pillows, stuffed with natural cotton stuffing. I love the texture on them, and was thrilled to be able to upcycle some old linens into very functional (and pretty) pillows.

An equal mix of energy and tranquility, perfect for the caffeine lover who starts the day off with an earthy blend and casual style.

The minimal and elegant yet rustic nature of this piece makes it great for every day wear. I love this type of gem because each Herkimer is unique with the black as coal mineral deposits scattered throughout each gem. It speaks of the deepest, darkest days of winter.


WolfeWoman said...

This puts me in a shopping mood! Gorgeous pieces.
Lee/ OneClayBead

steinschmuckdesign said...

oh this is cool,
looking forward for more of this serie!
Fantastic :D

Monica said...

Beautiful new items! I just want to squeeze that lovely heart pillow!

Ravyn 41 said...

I would love to be a part of this team. please stop by www.sugarlumpsdesign.etsy.com

Sarah Maccarelli said...

What a beautiful hat!

Montse Bote said...

I´ve just seen your blog and I would like to be member of the Artisan Gallery team. I have an etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/eltrebolde4
I know I´m not an Etsy experienced seller but I think I have nice and very good jewelry pieces.

Thanks for your attention and for the information you offer us.

Decorate the Diva said...

Awesome Jen... In Canton, Ohio we have a "First Friday" downtown. It's amazing walking around, listening to the live music, sipping wine, and enjoying the many talented artisans here in Ohio.
This is a great way to share the "First Friday" moment, celebrate the artisans, and promote our talented team. Great job Jen and beautiful necklace too! Thank you for including my new coffee earrings!!! ~Renee

Waterrose said...

We have first and third fridays here...well I think there are other fridays as well...love them! Great article for the blog too!