Above and Beyond

Faceted Sky blue Topaz Drop Earrings by steinschmuckdesign

I am blown away by the talent of the artists on our team. More amazing is their dedication to handmade and quality artisan work. Everyone on our team is so kind and supportive, it makes selling on Etsy a unique and wonderful experience.

A few members every month go above and beyond in sharing the Artisans Gallery message and talent, and I want to acknowledge those members once a month by posting the top few most active every month. A few different active sellers will be highlighted every month. I can't possibly highlight every one of them, because again, we have an amazingly involved team.

Michele, of steinschmuckdesign pictured above, designs stunning and elegant gemstone and metal-smithed jewelry, and she is our expert Tumblr. She posts an amazing amount of team items to our page every month.

Textured Lace Bowl by OneClayBead

Lee, of OneClayBead, is a font of knowledge regarding gallery quality work, and helps sustain the vision for our team, and the mission that brought all of our members together on Etsy. She writes an amazing blog series to help artists dip their toe and then wade out into the vast pool of knowledge involved with gallery selling.

Earthy Stone and Crystal Necklace by deocratethediva

Renee, of decoratethediva, makes gorgeous eco friendly beaded jewelry, and she does some bookkeeping for the team as well as makes lovely treasuries.

Argentium Silver and Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant by Verbenaplace

Helen and David, of Verbenaplace, make stunning Artisan Argentium silver and fine gold gemstone jewelry. David makes the jewelry, and Helen uses her trained expertise to buy gems, and she spends "spare" time making treasuries for the team.

Upcycled Heart Felt Ornaments by SewnNatural

Jen, of SewnNatural writes some of our most thoughtful blog posts. She really expresses each of the team members she features in her articles so well, and I appreciate her kind words and contributions.

Dandelion Necklace by Moonovermaize

Monica, of Moonovermaize, co-leads the team. She is always a soft voice of reason and such a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of. She does bookkeeping for the team, blog entries, as well as makes treasuries. She truly is the kindest person I know on Etsy.


Waterrose said...

Wonderful spotlight on wonderful members of the team. Thanks to each of you for all that you do!

Monica said...

oh you've got me all teary eyed! Thank you so much, Jen. I am honored to be a part of this team and surrounded by so many kind hearted and incredibly talented people.

Thank you, Jen, for all the time, effort and amazing dedication you put into this team.

helen said...

We should be thanking you Jen for your dedication and hard work. You truly hold the team together!

A big thank you from David and myself!

Decorate the Diva said...

It's an honor to be included in this team and I thank Jen for all her hard work as a great team leader. The blue items are amazing. I have to own a bowl made by Lee soon... it's lovely indeed! ~Renee

steinschmuckdesign said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise,
thank you very much Jen for this special article, with some of our unique Artists and your giving Words!!!
Actually you should be up there with all your loving support you give to us!!!
I am honored and love to be part of our inspiration Team!
Thank you!!!

Design By Raven Muse said...

I am a lucky girl and have items from Steinschmuckdesign, MoonOverMaize, and One Clay Bead and all are fun, fabulous and when I can afford it again, will be returning. It's not just getting a beautiful piece of art from any of them....they communicate with you, befriend you, take interest in you and are some of the best in their particular art. I found them before I signed up here and so amazed they are all members. But rightfully so!

Thank you ladies....you have all made my world a little brighter!

Red Chair said...

Absolutely wonderful post! It's an honor to be on a team with so much talent but also just plain goodness/niceness. :D

WolfeWoman said...

Thanks for the beautiful acknowledgment, Jen! I am inspired by your talent and leadership, too. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributes to our team, and thanks to our great buyers as well! You all enrich my life with your creativity and in living the Handmade Movement values. You are the best!

Paul and Kate Studio said...

This team is truely an amazing, talented, and generous group! Its people like you who make this community so special!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

big thanks to our lovely members who do all this work to keep the team happening ~ i really enjoy being part of this team and seeing the amazing work people are making. very inspiring! thanku :)