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I only buy handmade soap on Etsy and that is what I use in my daily ablutions, whether they are rushed trying to run out the door with my kids or if I have a moment to indulge in a longer shower. Handmade soap is so good for the skin, and I consider it to be a daily inexpensive luxury I can treat myself to. The range of scents from our artisan soap makers is vast, and trying new soap scents is fun and exciting. One of my favorite things is when I know that package of soap is in my mailbox, as the delightful scents waft from the box.

Handmade soap would make such a wonderful stocking stuffer for your loved ones and friends.


DeShawn Marie said...

Love all of the soap artisans here! I'm so lucky to be amongst great company. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone!

WickedSoaps said...

Thank you for the mention! Etsy has so many wonderful soap artisans...I'm a handmade soap addict, too, and I constantly have smell goods arriving in my mailbox ;)

Satin and Birch said...

Dear Artisans,
You are the best at what you do, it's thrilling to have access to such wonderful things, and an even greater honor to be a part of it.
Thank You,
Satin and Birch

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including my soaps in your post!
I really apreciate your introduction because natural soap is more than a gift, it is an imprescindible product to skin care.
Happy Holidays!!

steinschmuckdesign said...

a hurray on handmade Soaps,
the only ones I use!!!!!
wonderfzl gift guide Jen!

Waterrose said...

OH I love all of the handmade soaps on Etsy and love giving them as gifts. I usually have some ready "to gift" for that unexpected occasion. Most

Monica said...

I only use soaps from Etsy these days and it's amazing the variety you can find. All those listed above look fabulous!

Vixen Designer said...

I'm addicted to SweetPetula's Bourbon Vanilla on Etsy. A luxurious gift for all of my loved ones as well as myself. :-)