you are invited to submit to tumblr

We have a tumblr page and are inviting you to submit your favorite items from our team members shops.  Share with us what you have purchased!  We'd love to see those earrings on you, that shawl around your neck, those pieces of art hanging on your wall.  We'd love to hear what you love, covet or plan to get as a gift for that special someone.  You can also find many of our members own tumblr blogs listed at the bottom of our tumblr page.  It's a great way to find out a little bit more about what we like on an individual level.  Once you get the hang of tumblr you will love it!  Admittedly if you have not used tumblr before it can be a little confusing, below are some instructions that explain how you can submit to our tumblr blog.  Once you finish the submission process it stays invisible until a moderator has checked and approved it.  Please follow our guidelines and only submit items from our Artisans Gallery Members.  Etsy shops that are not part of our team will not be posted and likewise, bad links or no links means we will not be able to post your submission.  (If you have purchased something and do not want to link to the 'sold' page just link to their shop and upload your own photo.)  We will do our best to post everyone's submissions and we thank you for sharing your favorites!

1) click 'SUBMISSION' on the top of our tumblr page and the box above will pop up.  Click the little 'tree' square and you will see 'insert/edit image' box pop up.  Open another window if you are getting the image from an online shop and find the item that you want to submit.  (if you are uploading your own image you need to click the arrow next to the submission box and choose 'submit photo' and basically follow the same procedure as this).  Do not get the url (link in the address bar) from the shop listing, instead, click the photo so it opens up in a new page and is the only thing on that page.  Copy the address link and paste it in the box. You do not need to worry about 'alignment' but you do need to resize the image.  We prefer 400 x 400.  In some cases the photos are longer or wider than a normal 'square' and will look distorted.  You will notice some images will already show they are 1200 x 800 or whatever....you could set the image size for 500 x 400 and see if it looks normal; if it is stretched and strange looking click the photo and then re-click the hyperlink symbol and readjust the image size.
Click 'insert'.

Next you want to then link the photo BACK to the shop listing (remember you have only linked the photo to the enlarged photo so it needs to get re-linked to the actual shop listing).  If you prefer to link to the shop listing via text you can skip this step and when people click the photo they just see the image by itself.

If you DO want to link the image to the actual shop listing click the image, (see image below) click the 'link button' and then add the address to the shop listing.  Then click 'target' and choose 'open in new window'.  Click insert and you are done with that.

You still with me?  I know it seems complicated...believe me if you are submitting to your own tumblr blog it is easier and you get more familiar with how to do it so this wont seem so daunting.

Okay, next step is writing some text.  Click outside (to the right) of the photo and you will see the blinking cursor.  I like to hit the enter/return key and have my cursor under the photo before I start adding text.
We ask that everyone who submits to our blog, be it team members or customers, please write something about the item you are submitting.  (we also prefer just one image per submission and no treasuries please).  Do you own this?  Did you just receive it in the mail? Are you going to buy this for someone?  Does the piece inspire you and you just want to write about how much you love it?  

If you did not link the photo to the shop listing, (and even if you did link the photo), now is the time to mention the name of the piece and link it to the shop and/or actual item. (photo above) Highlight the text and click the hyperlink button and insert the shop URL.  For team members we ask that you end the post with this:

'posted by ______________ via artisansgalleryteam'  You do not need to hyperlink to your name but if you want to please do.  Link to your tumblr blog or your etsy shop only.  Customers don't be shy, leave your first name or an initial and feel free to link to your shop, blog or website.  

The last step is optional as the moderators can add more in depth tags.  If you see tags that apply to the item check them.  Check the submission agreement box and you are done!  We check in throughout the day and post all submissions as long as they follow our guidelines.

* some of you may be confused as to why you wouldn't choose 'submit a photo'.  unless I am clueless (and I am happy to hear a better way!!!) when I try that it only offers to add a photo from your own computer via 'browse'.  If I go down into the text box and add a photo the photo shows up but I get an error.  That is why I choose to do it this way.  This is NOT how you need to do it when you have your own tumblr blog. It is easier as the options are different and more up to you.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting a peek at what you love!


donauluft said...

WOW! this should help! Thank you , Paula for doing this!

KnotOriginal said...

Thank you Paula!!!
I hadn't figured out the text linking portion yet.

Thongbai Tatong said...

Paula you are a genius! I have been finding my way around tumblr but I would not say I have everything under control. Reading your article answers a lot of questions I have had. Thanks, Paula.

paula said...

i hope it helps..sorry if it seems confusing. i'm convinced there is a better way but got tired of trying :)

Victoria Webb said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Paula! I would like to know if we can submit ideas or brief articles other than purchases or favorite items.

I'm using Tumblr much as I do other social networks; for content. Is that something you would be open to?

paula said...

let me talk to kendra victoria and i will convo you back, thanks for asking!

Annette F Tait said...

this is fantastic! thank you Paula, just what I need when I start this properly!