Creative Fire: Magic and Business


"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business."

— Tom Robbins

I am married to a suit, a corporate Vice President, whose days are spent in positioning his company for growth in a shifting economy. I am a potter, usually so unkempt that I’m an hour away from being presentable if I’m meeting anyone for lunch. Like all true artists, I deal in magic, in transformation, in the ancient alchemy of clay and glaze. Is this an example of how opposites attract? Perhaps.  We are we on opposite ends of one spectrum that begins in the realm of creative dreams and manifests through skillful design and execution.


We are equally successful because we value the realm in which the other operates. I respect the organized way in which he methodically negotiates a business deal. He respects my natural ability to read people, to get in the zone and flow through my day, and to innovate.

He has brought a measure of order to my chaos. I bring to his his life magic. Business and magic make for a successful partnership.

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“Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.”
- Tom Robbins


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Susana Tavares said...

I Love your post...I live the same, and i feel exactly that, i bring magic and he bring some order...and the two are needed in relationship

Marie said...

wow! This is such an inspiring post, I love the combination of thoughtful quotes, beautiful art and your wonderful story!

Thank you!

Michelle said...

I can feel your magic so much Lee,
in your words,
in your creations and

Thank you :D

Jen from SewnNatural said...

great post! respect and true friendship and deep connections are so important as the base of a relationship!

thank you for including our dress here.

Hagar said...

This is so funnt and true!!!
I loved this post and the "being an hour away from being presetable"!
Just keep this going!!!

paula said...

just smiling away!

3 squares said...

you are truly wise, lee. thank you again for an inspiring post.

lynncpots said...

Wonderful and inspiring, Lee. I believe in magic too.

Waterrose said...

Yay for Tom Robbins and I agree who heartedly!

Waterrose said...

Yay for Tom Robbins and I agree who heartedly!

gretchenmist said...

interesting read. lovely to find out a little about your life Lee ~ and perfect quotes!

KnotOriginal said...

Well said Lee! And if you believe in magic, just sprinkle some pixie dust and no one will realize you may look unpresentable...;-)

Roxana said...

Beautiful Lee. If my hubs and I could just find the "business" part we'd be set...got plenty of magic and alchemy.

Greg Spalenka said...

Sounds like you have the Yin and the Yang of it in your relationship! Sweet.
Love your balance.

anakim said...


Star of the East said...

Indeed opposites attracts, still it is always nice to read such love stories :)

kathiroussel said...

a beautiful balance is struck! seems to me we all need that presence of opposite in our lives--keeps us centered --- a wonderfully inspiring post!

Kendra Zvonik said...

i am married to another artist and am, therefore, forced by natural ability to be the business in this art affair. it is necessary for us all to find this balance to be successful in life, whether in business or art. the combination may be slightly different in appearance, but somehow the balance can be achieved for us all equally. thanks lee, for this reminder and example of good living.

bluebicicletta said...

this is a great and beautiful post! I agree that we need both order and chaos in our lives---magic and business---they work together.