What inspires you?

Awhile back we did a 'What inspires you?' post.  I loved seeing what inspires artists and it's high time we find out what inspires more of our Artisans don't you think?

Yael, aka TheJoyofColor, shared what inspires her.  I have to say I was surprised when I saw what inspired her, while the first photo seems like an obvious choice, a few of the other photos weren't quite what I would have imagined which is exactly why I love about finding out what inspires other artists! 

Above, Yael's poppy inspiration: a photo that started my watercolor series of poppies, it was taken by my niece in the Negev (south of Israel)   Below: Red Sunset on Poppies Field.

Yael included things that inspire her from her own back yard as well as Tel Aviv. She says:  A lot of my inspiration comes from my home garden, this is of the Bird of paradise plant. The Park has always somthing to offer. The Urban scene always intrigues me, these 2 photos were taken in the south (old) part of Tel Aviv a place for hip boutiques and bups.

I searched her shop to see what she might have made from her Tel Aviv inspiration and thought maybe this Golden lurex knitted scarf fit the bill.  Feels industrial, part of a city life and structural all in one!

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Roxana of IlluminatedPerfume shared her inspiration:  I've been honing in on what is behind my primary inspiration of NATURE and BEAUTY, I think it has to do with authenticity, however, it appears that language is not a sufficient means to really define it. After all everyone sees beauty in different ways.  Here's some things I find really beautiful and thus inspiring: Illuminated Manuscripts and the visuals in the film Vatel.

First photo:  The visuals in the film Vatel. I introduced my daughter Eve to one of my favorite films, Vatel. I knew she would appreciate it because, like mother, she adores all things sublime in nature. This film is a bouquet of grace and exquisite harmony. True the story is not to the level of the direction, cinematography, art direction, music, acting and costumes. In the case of this film the story is just good enough for the visuals to carry you to the end. Vatel is a sensual banquet of eye candy with the appeal of the current shabby chic, vintage, French style currently in fashion.

Next: Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.  Vespertina™ solid perfume feels like a good match with French pastries. The Jasmine and Rose in this fragrance have a vintage yet modern feel, like something Kirsten Dunst would have worn while filming Marie Antoinette. Staying close to the skin she would have enjoyed it's aromatic without nuking her fellow actors overpowering silage.  I tend to find films really inspiring, I think it's because they showcase beauty in so many different aspects...physical beauty, nature, fashion, color, light, etc plus moods are evoked through the story combined with the visuals. I love the paintings by Waterhouse for example, but when that painting comes alive in a film the imagery is more compelling for me.

I also love poetry and a great story, which brings me back to wondering what's at the core??? Lots to contemplate with this great question.

Below: one of the outcomes of her inspiration, her Vespertina Perfume!

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 BetsyBensen says this about what inspires her: Well, I got my degree in Art History for no other reason than I was so inspired by art through the ages. It made me really want to make things. I'm still excited by things people create.

When I look at her shop now I can see how she is inspired by Art History, her pieces reflect that (at least to me).  I imagine kings might have worn her rings, well dressed ladies would have been adorned in her jewelry. If I'm not mistaken, these azurite-chrysocola earrings have an old world painterly feel do they not?

And I totally see this Chunky Sterling ring on a King's finger; his pudgy well fed hands adorned and pointing at his jester to entertain him ~ his rich lifestyle and unduly wealth highlighted by the opulence that this ring exudes!  Of course this would look wonderful on a woman too,  I got carried away by her inspiration.

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Thank you fellow artisans for sharing what inspires you!  


Merritt Hyde said...

I am inspired by just reading what inspires Yael, Roxana and Besty! Really wonderful!

Jen from SewnNatural said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post! Thank you!

Waterrose said...

I love each of these artists in so many different ways. Betsy your jewelry is amazing to me. Your chunky rings always send me back to childhood and playing marbles...and visiting a shop in Ohio where the artists makes the most amazing marbles....

I love all types of scents and isn't it amazing that a small whiff of something also takes you right back to a moment in your life?

Yael uses some amazing colors for her creations and I love knowing that it is all translated by her surroundings!

gaudblogvrudaii said...

Really a nice post! It's very interesting to read about what inspires others!

Roxana said...

I love how you can see what inspires each artist in their work. Fabulous post Paula, thanks for including me!