Pathways to Membership pt 3

At this time, ArtisansGalleryteam has been overwhelmed with requests to join. We are currently seeking applications through the recommendations of current members only.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to our new team, and please understand that we are unable to receive open applications at this time.

You can leave a link to your Etsy shop, and a brief statement as to why you see yourself as a good fit for our team, in these comments. We will review them when we are able to consider open applications. Thanks, and best wishes on your own creative journey.


Star of the East said...

I'll look and think good to recommend some great shops, thanks for all the info and for using our picture!

amber said...

well, i'm glad i looked here, before requesting the pathways to membership. when you're looking again... we are Ramshackle Studio We create 100% handmade jewelry using wood, stone, and metal. Loved the storque article and philosophy of the team - Please keep us in mind!

Elise Hooper Designs said...

I am really enjoying the sneak peek of the artists behind all of the beautiful listings! The pathways info gives me a great framework for taking a critical view of my shop. Cheers, Elise from www.elisehooperdesigns.etsy.com.

Michele said...

I would love to join your team when you are ready for new members. I think my etsy shop meets all of you qualifications and my work definitely fits your standards. I have been a silversmith/jewelry artist for 21 years. My work is sold in art galleries and shops across the US and I also teach classes in silversmithing. to see more about me go to www.michelegrady.com

demetgun3 said...

Hi!I want join this great team.My pages on Etsy
And Handmade Accessories

My Twitter
My Facebook Fan Page

FuchstBags said...

Hi Merritt and Lee,

Thanks for getting back to me promptly. As you mentioned that your club membership has been fully booked, however, I would be interested in becoming a new member of the AG Team if there's space available. I believe my designs and craftmentship would definately fit in your club's standard.

My website is http://www.fuchstbags.etsy.com

Thanks again for your consideration.


Kankou said...

Thank you for getting back to me and considering my shop.
My shop can be found at kankou.etsy.com

I create beadwoven jewelry which I feel definitely requires skills beside patience.
I also feel my creations are very original: there are other amazing beadwoven artists but the originality of my work derives from its ethnic modern feel; each of my piece tells a story. I am very proud what I create and my customers felt the sincerity I create with.
I think my pictures are clear and certtainly not amateurish but I consider them to be work in progress.
Thank you for your consideration

Fuss Jewelry said...

Hello, Artisans Gallery Team! I'd love to be considered for membership if an opening presents itself. My wire wrapped jewelry takes a sculptural approach to botanical themes--flowers and vines and I use high end stones and metals. Recently I've added metalwork to my skill set and I'm introducing a unique line of gemstone cluster embellished cocktail rings. Thank you for any potential consideration--beautiful work on this blog! Wendy


mirta said...

Hi everyone!

I know this is a longshot but since I'm not very close to anyone in the team to ask for a recommendation, I'm writing here... I make understated modern jewelry and I'd really really like to be a part of your team :)
Thank you!


my shop: www.andrea0503.etsy.com

Alicia Dabney said...

I am a longtime admirer of most of the work that comes out of the AG Team. I don't have a relationship with any of your members in order to even hope that I might get a recommendation so I wanted to leave my information here with all of the other hopefuls.

My work is all presented in collections with overarching themes based on myths, legends, seasons, cultures, customs, and so on. I focus strongly on wire wrapping, metal clay work, and now soldered bezels. I am also constantly improving my work, presentation, and photography and in the past year have made a strong effort to step completely away from mass produced findings.

You can view my work and blog here:

Elements & Artifacts: