Friday: What are you working on now?

This week we have Bai of  ThongbaiTatong sharing her works in progress.  Bai creates 'wearable textile collage' that includes tops, bottoms, dresses, scarves and bags. Below is her description of a scarf in progress:

I have been making a new textile collage scarf. I put a lot of decorative elements together, such as cotton fabric, jersey fabric, silk/cotton, buttons, flowers, etc. All the fabrics used are very soft to the touch. I am geared up for autumn now I call it "Artsy Cozy Wrap - a textile collage scarf"

 What I love most about my work is the 'freedom' to create. I don't like rules and I am not good at adhering to rules. The only rule I have for my collage scarf is that you know how to work with the materials you use. For example, what kind of needles are best for sewing jersey fabric and if you bias cut the fabric it will not roll too much, etc. I enjoyed the freedom of putting the 8 different materials together, played with them, flipped them around, stitched here and there and voila my new scarf.

Thongbai Tatong: Original handmade items from the Netherlands
Total width : 15 inches (38 cm.)
Total length: 80 inches (200 cm.)


Next we have Teo from TeoStudio who creates paintings and art journals.  Last week I saw her blog post on painted book edges and I asked if I could share that process here as well.  The painted book edges are a relatively new addition to her etsy shop so this felt like perfect timing to see her process!

Fixing the book with clamps:

To paint the edges of a book, the block must be previously sewn and cut with an industrial guillotine. Step one: fixing the book with clamps as tight as possible so that the color stays on the edge and does not slip between the pages.

Step two: Sanding the edge with sand paper of different size, from rough to fine, and applying a thin layer of egg white. This must be immediately spread on the edge and absorbed with tissue paper, polishing the surface until it becomes glossy. This creates a layer that protects the paper from soaking any color.

Step three: Applying the color in different layers. Here is a brown decoration painted on golden background. I use acrylics so the color does not fade away with use.

Above: More book blocks with painted edges and leather journal with painted edges.

 TeoStudio from Portugal
The book measures 8.7 x 5 inches (22 x 12.5 cm).


Thank you Bai and Teo for sharing your process!  If you are an Artisans Gallery Team member and would like to share what you are working on visit our Flickr Forum


vadjutka said...

I love Bai's work - so thanks for showing your proccess!

donauluft said...

very interesting to read about the bookmaking! they are wonderful!

WolfeWoman said...

I love the inside tour of these studios-it makes me appreciate the work even more1


Teo said...

Thanks so much for having me on the blog of our team and giving me the chance to share a bit of my work in the studio. I enjoy these sneak peeks a lot and I’m honored to be featured myself this Friday :)

who.knows.what.dreams.may.go said...

those painted book edges are so cool; thx for sharing such lovely artists

Waterrose said...

Wonderful peak at two lovely artists! I also love playing with textiles and creating. I also love journals and must control myself from buying too many!

betsy bensen said...

these edges are beautiful and give the books such a special touch.

Thongbai Tatong said...

This is a wonderful article, Paula. Thank you very much for featuring me and my work. This is a wonderful way to share about what you do and at the same time to learn more about and get inspiration from other members. Thank you Thank you +++. Looking forward to seeing the next Friday features.

kathiroussel said...

fabulous post-- tremendous photos and detail. i love this glimpse into your processes-- thanks so much for the view!