Artisan Gallery Interview - Polestar

Interview by Roxana of IlluminatedPerfume
I’d like to introduce you to Jen of Polestar.
Hi Jen! Your work is so beautiful. What is the one thing you find most inspiring to feed your creative spirit?

I suppose walking in the woods and being around nature is the most inspiring to me. We live in front of a protected wetlands area and I try to get back there fairly regularly. I really feel an energy from a natural environment and I feel revitalized after spending any time in a forest setting. I am also inspired by pop culture and literature. I love TV, movies, books, the internet all of those while some people find draining, I find inspiring most times, if you are investing your time wisely.

What is your favorite scent from the natural world?

When my parents lived in Hawaii for a few years I visited a few times and the air was always so fragrant from flowers, it was like living in paradise. I also have fond memories associated with a relative's house on a lake, the woods behind her house backed right up to a lake and there was a shady area with a mossy carpet you could lay on and throw Cheerios to the fish. I loved the earthy smell of the lake and the moss.

If you were Queen of a village what would you wish for your kingdom?

My wish would be that we could all work together to sustain each other, so we could all flourish.

How did you find yourself creating jewelry?

I have made little things all through my childhood and up through high school, beaded necklaces, etc. I thought I would get more serious about it one day, bought some books and started making things and decided to start selling. I also enjoy the photography element very much and it is nice to bring that hobby into my work.

The Aviatrix Necklace - Whiskey Quartz and Brass Airplane Charm on Oxidized Sterling Silver

As a work at home mom of two young boys what tips can you give other work at home moms?

I could probably talk for an hour about this subject. My first advice would be to not forget your marriage partnership, whatever that entails in your own relationship. Try to get as much done while your children are napping or in school. I devote the first half of every day my kids are home to getting out of the house and doing something with them, whether that is taking them to see friends, to run errands or go to a park. I cannot make jewelry when my kids are awake, they would be entirely too curious which is fine but it would lead to conflict and frustration for all of us, so I only make jewelry at night.
I do the marketing, administrative, photography, listing when my toddler is napping or we are having a siesta time where my two boys (5.5 and 3.5 years old) relax and play quietly.
You may feel guilty at times, but try not to. Chances are, 200 years ago, you would have been working in a farm field with your children at your side. Work is part of the human experience, it is only a modern ideal that women can stay home and devote ALL their time with their children. Most households need two incomes, and if you want to stay at home with your kids and can maintain a work at home job as well, you will find it very rewarding.
Bracelet Handmade Lampwork Bead Vintage Glass Sterling Silver, Catalina

Where is the one place you would most like to travel to?

I have a rather burning desire to go to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Thank you, Jen!


WolfeWoman said...

It's nice to know more about the person behind that beautiful jewelry and those witty tweets! Great tips and musings on being a mom to young ones while still pursuing one's creative business.

Sigmosaics said...

it is so interesting to read about you Jen .. i've always been curious about you (in a good way!!). I love to see how you are juggling the mother/children/work role .. you seem very organized! Gorgeous creations, gorgeous children .. congratulations!

The outer hebrides look like my kind of place to visit .. (I could sit and drool over those scottish accents any day of the week). Therapeutic beach walks, windy swept hills. Thanks!


13threads said...

It is always interesting to learn a wee bit more about the person behind their beautiful work.

...And I am leaving Edinburgh this week and heading North to the Highlands. Not as far as the Outer Hebrides, but I am hoping I will find some therapeutic peace and quiet too.

Decorate the Diva said...

It's nice to get to know you a little better, your children are adorable.
I love your style! ~Renee

SewnNatural said...

enjoyed this interview very much!

BlackStar said...

Great interview! One of the nicest people on Etsy- a true gem. xo

Waterrose said...

Lovely interview and your perspective on raising children while working at home is great. Love your creations and knowing more about you.

kathiroussel said...

love your advice about working/raising children--very helpful to young moms out there-- and so nice to learn about what makes you happy and inspires you jen--
best wishes to you and your sweet guys --enjoy the rest of your summer!-- hope you get to make that journey to the hebrides one of these days!


Victoria Webb said...

Beautiful sentiments that are realistic and down to earth. Best of all, Jen has the most gorgeously original jewelry!
I especially like your note about work being part of the human experience - so true and we forget that leisure is a modern contrivance....

The Outer Hebrides! I'm off googling. Thanks Roxana & Jen for a lovely interview.

Annette F Tait said...

what a great interview Jen! and great advice, even for those who don't have kids :)
You have chosen well with the Outer Hebrides. I've not made it that far but the NW coast of Scotland is uninhabited, desolate and stunningly beautiful! I can vouch for that.
thanks Jen and Roxana!

3 squares said...

so happy for the opportunity to get to know my neighbor a little better. great interview!

anakim said...

What a lovely interview. I love Jen's jewelry and enjoyed reading your perspective about work, inspiration, children and life.
Thanks to you and to Roxana.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Roxanna for setting this up!!!
Jen, I just got touch by reading about working at home,
thanks so much for this sharing,
really at the moment I do not feel so guilty anymore!!!

feltjazz said...
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feltjazz said...

very nice and interesting in more meet you !
Great interview!