skip through the studio: a peek at artisanal process

She's a metalsmith.

 (sweet diamonds promise stacker ring by sarawestermark)

She's also an artisan ( artisan from Italian: artigiano). Sarawestermark handmakes jewelry by virtue of the craftswomanship you see in these studio peeks.

One piece at a time, with two hands at a time, in the studio you see.

Now that's handmade.

(leaf copper pendant with sterling silver, by sarawestermark)


paula said...

great post, love seeing how artists do what they do. tools and studio and end results are beautiful!

WolfeWoman said...

One of my favorite jewelers! With all the discussion recently around what is handmade, these pictures say it all.

gretchenmist said...

am always super impressed seeing what goes into jewelry making ~ it's such a huge + involved art. great photos :)

donauluft said...

Love to see these pics of a wonderful equipped studio!
great craftsmanship!

Michelle said...

Oh, I wish I could come over and
start working,
I love Tools :D
and yes, indeed, for shore it is handmade!!!!!

betsy bensen said...

what a beautifully organized studio, I want one of those! I guess I'd better get cleaning...

Sigmosaics said...

wow, what a set up and all those tools!! this is great, to see the organisation, the process and the beautiful end result.
Amazing work!

3 squares said...

fabulous work space! and i had to laugh, because i have an exercise ball for a chair in my studio in front of my laptop.

sarawestermark said...

I was thrilled to see my shop featured in this post! I do have a love of tools, although I confess that we recently moved to a new house and my studio is not as orderly as in the pictures. I am just coming back from a buying trip and have many new gemstones to play with! I also bought lots of new rough for my husband to cut.

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Annette F Tait said...

what a perfect post! and a beautiful explanation of handmade - could there ever be a better reason to buy handmade than that??
thank you

Waterrose said...

Thanks for the peek inside the metalsmith studio....love it. Beautiful work!

kathiroussel said...

love your work sara-- and always tantalizing to see a person's work space-- thanks for sharing!