Artisan Gallery Interview - LaTouchables

Interview by Jill of glazedOver
I’d like to introduce you to Dawn of LaTouchables. I love  Dawn’s eclectic, high quality work. She has an uncanny ability to weave poetry and romance into her creations and it is an absolute JOY to feature her here.

Hi Dawn! First, tell us where you live and describe the sights and sounds of your world.
I live in Germany’s Silicon Valley—but you’d never know that. Our village, which calls itself a city, was built on Roman ruins and goes back to the year 800 AD. I can hop on my bike and in five minutes be on a dirt path in the woods, or a country road, zooming through the corn fields; and in 40 minutes of peddling, be on the mighty Rhine, flanked by mountains on both sides, with vineyards as far as the eye can see. From my house, I’ve taken biking holidays up the Rhine and into France, into the mountains…am I gloating?
We go to the baker to get bread, of which there are hundreds of varieties. In this country, everything is closed on Sunday, which is a day of rest, a day of placing your worries in a box on a shelf. This strikes me, an American who has been living abroad for twenty years, as ultimately civilized. I love it, and I have grown attached to Sundays. What I love about Germany: it is multi-culti, self-critical, quietly humorous, passionate.

Honey Washed Ashore, a bracelet-cuff by LaTouchables

As you know, I’ve long admired your eclectic balance of fabrics and textures and your bohemian chic vibe. Can you describe your process for us?
I go into my studio, turn on the music and open the windows, and begin with the simplest possible thing like, ‘Now I’m going to pick up this piece of fabric, oh—it’s small, actually a scrap, but if I…let’s see, yes, it’s actually big enough to wrap around my wrist..uh-oh, it’s irregular, no matter, that’s an interesting shape. What if I put that on the back? Is it too thick?’ That’s how I work. Intuitively.

Queen Sinai Necklace, OOAK, by LaTouchables

Where does your inspiration come from?
I’m inspired by the simplest things…an emotion, the weather, a feeling in the air, another art-form (film, music, literature), the limits of my materials. You can compare it to cooking with what you have in the kitchen: dress up those earthy beans with some fresh chopped onion (take the red) and sun-dried tomatoes, and you have something special—you’ve made beans become desirable.

Under the Sea, an OOAK bag by LaTouchables
When and how did you learn to work with fabrics?
My exposure to sewing, thanks to my mom, was at the age of nine. I’ve never stopped learning. My formal education was in painting and music, with a lot of other stuff thrown in, but ‘fabrics’ per se are something I’m continually learning about.

What was the very first thing you ever made from fabric?
It was a peasant blouse, at the age of nine, on a Singer machine.

What did you have for lunch today?
I’m going to make a bean salad. And if I can find some, I’m going to fry up a pan of oyster mushrooms. I’m addicted to them—and this is mushroom paradise!

Back Road Necklace, by LaTouchables

If you could improve one thing about Etsy, what would it be?
If I could improve one thing about Etsy, it would be to put a daily time-limit on how long we could actually be on-site. Etsy is addictive, and I spend way too much time browsing when I could and should be doing other things.
Roam, a cuff-bracelet by LaTouchables

Where can we find you on the web?
I have a blog: http://latouchablesbagsandthings.blogspot.com/
My etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaTouchables
Thank you for a fascinating and inspiring interview, Dawn!


Monica said...

What a great interview!

Your home and surroundings sound magical and beautiful. I miss the wonderful history found in Europe.

I love your improvement for Etsy...would be good for me.

ingermaaike said...

I love reading about people I admire, Dawn is an amazing artist!

vadjutka said...

great interview - I love Dawn's unique style. She created her own beautiful world.

Rita alias alatvian said...

Great post!
Many thanks for sharing!

paula said...

refreshing to know people like dawn are out there! love your inspiration and knowing more about who you are dawn. thank you for sharing with us all...your work always inspires me. the details and use of supplies from other people...the photo shoots and 'stories' you bring to us add so much more to what you do. best to you!

Victoria Webb said...

Great interview, Jill and Dawn! I especially enjoyed hearing about your town (city) in Germany and your process of working. And hey can I come over for lunch?

Many thanks -

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You can come over anytime! Thanks pals, for such kind words, and thank you Jill for letting me tell a little about myself--I'm thrilled and honoured!

Yael said...

Thank you Jill for a wonderful interview on a lovely friend and a great artist!
Thank you Dawn for giving us an insight in your life and your superb creativity!
I love you both!

Rebecca said...

An excellent interview... interesting questions! Great job to both Jill and Dawn! Love your "gloating", Dawn... your area sounds so compelling and wonderful.... and it does make more sense to me than the lifestyles most Americans lead. I truly enjoyed reading about your intuitive artistic process as well. Thanks much for sharing!

Star of the East said...

Wonderful interview, great questions from Jill and wonderful answers from Dawn!

kathiroussel said...

i learn a bit more about you each time i read an interview featuring you and your work-- for instance--i never knew you loved oyster mushrooms! i love them too--- have you ever had chicken mushrooms? another great one to try if you can find them in your lovely neck of the woods. no need to tell you i'm a long time fan. you know that already!
thanks for the lovely interview jill.

Waterrose said...

Wonderful interview. I so agree about the Sundays in Germany. I lived in Berlin for two years and loved the pace of life... Thanks for sharing your creative process...and I'm hopping on a bike to take those rides with you! hugs.

WolfeWoman said...

One of my favorite Etsy artisans- so wonderful to know more about you! The wit and introspection shows in your work!

Michelle said...

Jill thanks so much for asking Dawn all those
really good Questions and
can`t find more words then this,
love your work,
love your inspiration,
love your story`s,
love your support,
love you!!!!! :D

noblegnome said...

What a wonderful treat to learn more about you Dawn. Great interview!

veroque said...

This is fantastic interview, great to know you better Dawn. Thank you SO much Jill:)

anakim said...

Now I know where all this wonderful creations are coming from!
Thanks Dawn and Jill for the interesting interview.

KnotOriginal said...

What an idyllic setting, Dawn. I can't believe you get any work done!
Wonderful interview Jill.

gretchenmist said...

fantastic interview ~ am jealous of your surroundings {visited germany many years ago and absolutely loved it}.
interesting to hear about your processes ~ you make such beautiful pieces.
+ i love oyster mushrooms too!
thankyou both.

Sigmosaics said...

Dawn is an inspiration .. I LOVE her work .. i'm always checking to see what's new and i'm never disappointed in what i see :)

The area you live in sounds amazing Dawn (nice to live somewhere steeped in history) and how fantastic to go on biking holidays as you do.

Lovely interview .. thanks to you both! xox

slinkycat said...

What a fantastic interview .. and life! I love your work (as you know), and would love to head over and join you for lunch ... the beans sound fantastic, and I know the company would be!! XO

13threads said...

I'm a fan too!

twolefthands said...

I just love your interview and the incredible way you create your lovely pieces! Germany sounds like a lovely place to live!

L'Accent Nou - creative projects said...

Wonderful interview! Love your work, Dawn!