Fathers Day

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Most people around the world celebrate Father's Day, but the dates to honor dads are not the same everywhere. In many countries the customs and traditions may be very different than the ones you know. The earliest record of Father's Day was found in the ruins of Babylon. A young boy named Elmesu carved a Father's Day message on a card made out of clay nearly 4,000 years ago. He wished his Babylonian father good health and a long life. No one knows what happened to Elmesu or his father, but the tradition of having a special day honoring fathers has continued through the years in countries all around the world. In many countries, where the Catholic Church has had an important influence on the culture, Father's Day is celebrated on St. Joseph's Day (March 19).

Around the world, people celebrate Fathers Day to honor dads and to express their love and affection for them.  It may be noted that the date of Father's Day festival is not fixed and different countries around the world celebrate Father's Day on different times of the year.  Sometimes, even the manner of Father's Day celebration differ, what is common everywhere though is the spirit of the festival.  In countries across the globe people take opportunity of Father's Day to honor their dad with cards, chocolates, flowers and other gifts of love.  Spending time with dad and indulging in fun-filled activities is another common feature of Father's Day celebration around the world.  Another interesting factor about Father's Day celebration is that people wish 'Happy Father's Day' not just to their biological father, but also grandfather, stepfather, foster father, uncle, elder brother or anyone who plays the role of a father in their lives.  In recent times a secular celebration, not associated with any religion, has been celebrated in many of these countries to reflect the increased diversity of the people who live there.  Some families choose one of the dates to celebrate Father's Day and ignore the other day, but some lucky dads actully get to celebrate Father's Day twice every year!

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Father's Day is a commemorative day in which the father is held within the family. A father is a strange combination of reason and feeling. He is one who can guide and demand, but also knows how to love generously. We want to share our gift guide and find the ideal gift for the man in your life and wish you all a wonderful Father's Day Celebration wherever you may be.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for sgaring!
Fantastic Fathers Day choices,
I am shore there most be some Fathers would be so happy to resiev them!!!

BlueTerracotta said...

What a lovely tribute to fathers and fathers day! I didn't know it had roots so far back in history.

Sherry said...

Thanks for including me. Just great choices for Dad's day.


Sarah John Afana said...

What a perfect way to celebrate your one and only dad but with a one of a kind artisan gift. Thanks for the history lesson, I had no idea. Well done.

Waterrose said...

Wonderful fathers day finds and thanks for a peek at the history! I wonder how Mother's day started. I do know how it began in the US....hmmm

Annette F Tait said...

a beautiful choice for any father and thanks for the history about the day, very interesting!

kathiroussel said...

love the dad's day spread -- a handsome mix!!