Blog it Forward: BEE up

In alignment with a contribution titled Holistic Beekeeping at the Etsy Storque today many of my fellow team members are celebrating with handmade marvels associated with the honey bee.

This post also launches our first ever Blog it Forward: BEE up with bloggers from all over the world writing about their bee related handmade item or to share a bee story.

1. Handmade Fabric Brooch by Blue Terracotta
2. Honey and the Bee Earrings by Star of the East
3. Bumble Bee Handmade Wool Felt Pincushion by SeaPinks

The honey bee is one of the primary pollinators to most of our crops and as such we are dependent on her for our fresh food. Some say that she is the key to facilitating Paradise here on Earth.

She is a remarkable little insect with multiple talents and dedicated to the survival of her hive. In her short life span she will hold many jobs including cleaning, midwifery, building, making honey, guard duty and foraging.

1. Honeybee Necklace by Aroluna
2. Honey stone druzy ring by Jealousy Design
3. HONEY Scarflette Neckwarmer by Ixela
4. Honey Bee Stoneware pottery bowl by Glazed Over
5. Taste of Honey Necklace by Just CHARMING
6. Bee Keeper Necklace by Decorate the Diva
7. Honey Comb Cuffs by TwoKnit
8. Busy Bees Montage by PeyLu

Honey bees depend on one another completely for their survival. When they begin building their new home they hang from each other like little gymnasts creating a perfect plumb line, called festooning, to build their honeycomb. The comb is a marvelous feat of engineering featuring cells on both sides and perfectly uniform in shape.

Get more bee inspired pollen by heading on over to the Sewn Natural blog where Jen shares how she went about creating the super cute Bee mobile featured below.

Bee happy!
Article and Blog it Forward Image by Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfume


Star of the East said...

I really enjoyed your Storique article, Roxana! I found it a wonderful idea to make do something about it as a team! Congrats!

anakim said...

fabulous Storque article, Roxana, congrats and thank you for sharing.

Annette F Tait said...

A very well written storque article Roxana - a true love story! thank you
these bee choices are superb

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

Wonderful article and thank you for including me!

Michelle said...

This is such a fantastic and beautiful feature of all those
really wonderful works!!!

Decorate the Diva said...

This is awesome!!! Thank you for including my necklace in all these amazing bee choices!!! ~Renee

pey said...

This is the Bee's Knees. Roxana.
An inspiring thought in action.
Thank you so much.

Victoria Webb said...

Very cool that the bees are getting so much attention!

noblegnome said...

Gorgeousness!! All this beauty almost makes me forget I'm allergic to them:)

jealousydesign said...

The storque article was fantastic! Thanks for including my work in this post.

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