Artisan Gallery Interview – NiuTaller

interview by Yael of TheJoyofColor
I’d like to introduce you to Mónica, the artist behind NiuTaller. I love Mónica’s work. I feel like the special magic in her work is in the combination of the clean, modern, geometric shapes and abstract patterns that I feel have roots in the Spanish (Moorish) tradition of ceramic and tiles.
 NiuTaller making jewelry 
Hi Mónica! Tell us a little about yourself. When and how did you come to be an artist?
Hi! I have always been attracted to everything related to artistic expression. When I was a child, I used to make necklaces, draw and paint, but at the moment when I was deciding what to study, I found it hard to decide. I began several careers that I almost immediately left until I finally followed an impulse to work with my hands and signed up for a course in ceramics. I liked it so much that I decided to formally study ceramics at the Massana School in Barcelona. I was born in Barcelona, so for me, it was like going home and since then ceramics is what I do.

NiuTaller working
I opened my first ceramics workshop in 1998 in my city but in 2004 I moved to live in Pamplona (for sentimental reasons) and created Niu, my studio-shop. Since then I try to make a living with what I do, and although it is not always easy, I go ahead along with selling at my store and to other shops. I also teach ceramics. It is now just over a year since I opened my etsy shop (March 27th was my first anniversary!).
What inspires you?
I often don’t know where the initial idea comes from when I start a project. Sometimes it comes when I am working on other pieces. Then I start working and trying different things. When already I am immersed in it, I am more receptive to what it is around me and then anything can be an inspiration: an exhibition, a trip to go shopping, a glimpse at the forms that nature adopts while I’m out walking along the field. Any stimulus is good. When I already have an idea, I observe things in another way. I try to always have a notepad near for whenever inspiration hits.
Where have you shown/sold?
Apart from selling in my own shop in Pamplona, at this moment you can find my pieces in 5 more shops (in Spain and Europe) and my intention is that this number will continue to grow. For several years, I have been going to handcrafted street fairs and also sometimes I do local exhibitions. Online, I only sell on Etsy.
What are your artistic goals?
When I work I am always looking for an ideal of beauty. When I start creating a new piece I always imagine it perfect. Then, when I take it to the reality, it is never exactly like I had imagined it, but I am always pleased with the results. One of my goals is to be continually approaching my ideal of beauty.
Also, I like to work with all kinds of disciplines (drawing, painting,sewing), and at the moment it seems that I pursue each one goes on its own, but someday I would like to unify all of them in my creations.
What is the biggest challenge your medium presents?
Working with ceramics requires various skills. It has infinite possibilities and you are always learning. I like to experiment, change, try new skills and create all kinds of pieces. That’s why I always try to make one-of a kind pieces or limited series.
Sometimes it is difficult to find a good balance between making a type of work that is commercially viable and profitable while at the same time not becoming bored nor betraying my artistic self.
What have you learned over the course of working in your medium?
I have learned that the important thing is not the technology you use but what you have to say and that you have to be faithful to yourself and never try to imitate what another person does in order to find your own way. Your own way makes you unique.
Do you have any quirks?
I like very much reading, novels and books on the topics that I am interested at the moment. I like any type of music (that also depends on the moment). Lately, I have gotten hooked on spotify (an Internet program that has stored the music of almost any author that you can imagine) and I am recovering the songs from my childhood.
I love being in contact with nature and whenever I can I go walking along the countryside. I am interested in everything related to personal growth and I love traveling. I travel as often as I can afford to.
Did we forget anything important?
I would only add that I am delightful that Etsy gives me the opportunity to make contact  with so many interesting people …and in this team there are lots and lots of them!
Thank you for a great interview, Mónica!
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Monica said...

Your shop is so beautiful and I've very much enjoyed learning more about you.

I've never heard of spotify, but it sounds great..will be looking into that soon.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love her work, too! She brings so much light in, it's incredibly textural and graphic! Thank you for sharing!

Huismus said...

So nice to know a bit more about you now Monica! I love your work and I think you have such an original style..

Thanks for this fun and interesting post!
Groet, Simone

artisansgalleryteam said...
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TheJoyofColor said...

Hi Monica, its great to see the interview here i enjyoed so much the process we went thruough
Good Luck
And thanks again to Jill for her great help

gretchenmist said...

thanks for this great interview. i love this goal of making things according to your own sense of beauty.
your work is really gorgeous :)

Annette F Tait said...

thank you to Yael for interviewing Monica! very insightful to learn about Monica's art on this level!
thank you so much!

noblegnome said...

What a treat! I've always loved your shop and it is so nice to learn more about you.

anakim said...

I adore Monica's work and I love every piece in her shop.
Thank you both girls for the wonderful interview!

donauluft said...

Wonderful ceramic artist! I love the way she manages to combine drawing , ceramic and jewelry design!

WolfeWoman said...

Brilliant interview! I've always loved the design elements in her work; how each component seems perfectly proportioned. Love finding out more about the artist.

niu said...

Thanks a lot for all your wonderful comments, I felt very happy reading them!!! you are all very kind!
...and thanks Yael for the interview and Jill for your work!!

aroluna said...

I love this interview as much as I've always loved Monica's jewelry, so unique with it's own personality! Love the photo too, now you have a face!!! :)))

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing,
it is impressing and
so much fun to know a bit more about you!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this article! Thank you for sharing your story, Monica! (-:

kathiroussel said...

i've known you only by name for a while now-- so nice to see you monica and learn more about you and your work-- !! best wishes-- nice interview!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Fabulous interview!
I am in love with Monica's work and her shop is so enjoyable to look through. Thanks for giving us an intimate look into the creative process of this talented artist!

Kristina Sabaite (krize) said...

I love Monica´s Work!!!