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Have you ever been curious to see the before, during and after of of the art, jewelry, painting and everything in-between that we sell on etsy? Well I was, so I asked our Artisans Team Members to post some of their pictures on our Flickr Forum so we could see their process.  I hope you enjoy this snippet of how we do what we do, keep the pictures coming team members! I'd also like to extend an invite to our blog readers who aren't on our team, ask a question, say hello, give us a shout ~ we'd love to know you are out there!

 Petrified Palmwood and Sterling Silver Dangle by betsybensen
 45cm. L

 I love petrified palm wood. The color and pattern is so pretty plus the fact that it was part of a tree millions of years ago makes it super cool! It's great to work with. I often set it in gold, but this time I decided to stay with sterling silver which I fabricated then textured and oxidized to give a more aged and rustic looking finish. I've made long ear wires which allow the earrings to articulate beautifully.

Planet Ring by kathiroussel
35mm l x 19mm w x 8 mm at highest point

Inspired by the cosmos -- a simple modern interpretation in the form of a ring. a graceful oval sits perched horizontally on the finger with a round little planet featured.left light in color and finished in a textural matte surface giving the metal a velvety appearance. striking and minimalist.

The oval (35mm l x 19mm w x 8 mm at highest point) is a hollow form structure made from sterling silver-- light weight and comfortable on the hand with a simple round sterling band. this is a one of a kind piece- part of an on going series of rings that have come about because I've decided to remind myself what a vast universe we're a part of!

This ring is a size 7-- please be certain of your ring size before ordering. ( there are inexpensive ring sizers available on etsy)

 works in progress by iLEAIYE

This is a sleeve, it is...
My initial thoughts were to make a jumper, using some of my thin yarns which have interesting textures, and to mix them with thicker and sometimes furry yarns. My initial idea is to marry up colours, but on starting I didn't have a specific colour other than the two furry yarns in mind, So after casting on the fawn fur, I followed up with the bottle green alpaca, then a brown nubby yarn, followed by an ivory merino yarn weaved with a bottle green nubby yarn, , then I knew the overall jumper I'd want a dash of red and or pink thrown in, so a pink chenille was knitted up next. followed by a mustard and black nubby yarn, at this point in my mind I had to ground the colours, if more colours were added, it would be mass overload, so a goldish/ black fur, followed by a black acrylic, weaved with a gold and bronze thin yarn, finished off the sleeveread more...

Works in progress: A mountain range at Mt. Rainier National Park 

This is a landscape in progress from an actual photo I took at Mt. Rainier National Park.
First I painted the sky, then the mountains and trees in the background. Next the ground and taller trees. #2 photon now I've highlighted the trees and put in some dry snags.

 Eco Friendly Candle Holders by PaulaArt
Two Fives, 2010
Railroad Nuts (metal)
Approx 4.75" tall
1.75" Wide

Inspired to make smaller functional works that are unique and affordable, these railroad nut holders were made to hold candles, feel free to instead stick a stem of dried flowers in them or use as stand alone sculpture.

I ground off the rust and cold welded each nut. The bottom has been ground/smoothed and painted with rust converter to prevent further rusting.


TheJoyofColor said...

That ia a fantastic post, really interesting to follow the items from inspiration to final
earring, painting...

paula said...

thanks! now go post some of your stuff for next week :)

kathiroussel said...

i love this idea paula-- i hope more team mates submit their before and afters and our blog visitors find it as exciting as i do!!

thanks so much for the super post paula!

i hope we can have a weekly or monthly post of before and afters-- that would be wonderful!


anakim said...

Wonderful post Paula, Thanks for sharing your work process, it's very enriching!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! The act of making is such an intrinsic part of hand made! It adds so much more worth to the final product!

thank you for sharing!

Victoria Webb said...

Great post. I like seeing the work in progress because it gives me a better idea of how the artist creates. I posted about this on my blog, but should offer it again.

There are paintings that completely transform during the process of revision!

Jessica Torrant said...

What a great post! I love the behind the scenes look into the creation process.

Monica said...

What a wonderful idea! I am always so curious to see how a piece progresses.

Michelle said...

I find it very inspiring to see how a Idea comes to life and what is needed to make it true.

To our non Team readers,
don`t be shy,
we are all so exieted to get to know you and
your Inputs, will let us grow!!!

Kristina Sabaite (krize) said...

I love this post and the way things can be transformed!!!

glazedOver said...

SO neat to see the behind the scenes like this. What a brilliant post!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

great post~ love to see these works in progress!

IsabelAmyo said...

I like this idea of understanding and of witnessing an execution. It's really great this post !

All About Henna said...

Very exciting !

BlueTerracotta said...

Great post! It's always fun to see the transformation and the evolution of an idea!

nitca said...

very interesting to see a work in progress , great post!

WolfeWoman said...

Nothing more fascinating than an artist's studio! i have enjoyed this glimpse into other people's creative thought process, too.