Artist Ana Raimundo of fricdementol

Le Solitaire travel bag by fricdementol
Handmade, hand printed Gocco printing using fabric inks.

Both sides printed with same design, with striped fabric inside
.white cord closure
.Colors: blue
.Size 11.5 x 9.5'' (24x29 cm)
.washable 30º
.limited edition
.signed (little signature stamped)

Ana Raimundo of fricdementol is a freelance artist from Portugal who works with a variety of mediums. You will find screen prints on paper & wood, sachets, watercolor, acrylic, bags, postcards and even wearable art. Her blog, dropes de mentol is also a good place to visit to see more of her drawings and paintings. Ana's art seems to be telling a story, there is a playfulness and innocence to her characters that make them endearing and remind me of a time when magic was still a possibility. I want to grab one of these pieces off the screen and hand them to a child and send them off into the garden with pen and paper and see what happens as these drawings inspire a desire in one to explore, play and create.

Size, about 5.5'' x 3'' (7 x 14cm)
About 30 gr of fresh dried lavender flowers
(Lavandula officinalis) grown in Ribatejo, Portugal

Ugly Face postcard collection set of 3
by Fricdementol
size:6 x 4 inches
bright paper
professionally printed

I invite you to explore her shop, Ana is also having a Spring sale until March 22nd so this is a great time to find something for yourself and a friend! ~ post by PaulaArt


kathiroussel said...

i love ana's work-- i've been a fan for a long time-- everything she makes is filled with vitality and charm and celebrates the precious and intimate. so great to read the feature!

thanks for bringing ana to us paula!

Victoria Webb said...

Thanks for showcasing these charming works. I love the lavender bags.... I also wonder if the artist is drawing on any folk or native art for her subject references.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing,
Wonderful Work I have not seen before,
love to see new ones!!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I do love her work--and it looks like folk-art references...whimsical and charming!

WolfeWoman said...

I love these works! This is the kind of creativity that can't be taught or acquired- an innately unique and honest visual voice. Great feature!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Ana is a wonderful talent with a big heart! I love her work and her perspective!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work from a very talented artist! Thank you for sharing this with us! (-:

glazedOver said...

There's such charm and innocence to to Ana's work. You're so right about how her work inspires the desire to create, Paula. Great article!

fric_de_mentol said...

Dear Paula, this article is a truly and giant honor for me. Thank you so much!
I think these are the best words and description of my work ever done! That makes me very happy :)

I really love to express nature and portraiture, mostly my work is based on native life and expressions, my art wouldn't make sense if it wasn't like that :)
I used to have this at my etsy profile:
"I was a tile painter in a factory for some years, mostly of Portuguese traditional folk tiles, which has a long history in the ceramic arts and I like it a lot. I think that gave me some eternal inspiration because, when I look at my works, I recognize a kind of tile panels and the subjects I represent in it as rural scenes mixed with modernity."

I'm very proud to make part of the Artisans Gallery Team!

paula said...

my pleasure ana, it sounds as if you have many fans already, i hope this gives you more!
thanks for sharing more about you...unique works for a unique artist.

Sarah John Afana said...

Very inspiring and unique work, I agree that you wrote a beautiful description of work that is so much more than any words could do justice :)

Anonymous said...

it's so refreshing to see something so different:) thanks:)

gretchenmist said...

i love ana's work and shop.

thanks for this beautifully written post :)

contact.isabelamyo said...

I'm very glad to discover this talent of illustrator, Ana's working is really expressive, and very personal at the the same time. I enjoy very much her representation of sailor between modernism and antiquated.

Decorate the Diva said...

I adore her art!!! ~Renee

TheJoyofColor said...

I love ana's work, the folk stories she tell in her work in such a delicate, unique and whimsecal way, touches my heart,
Paula thank you for such a nicely written post

Lo Scrigno di Lilly said...

Love this bloog sooo much! Beautiful bag! ^_^

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Ana's work is so distinctive. Charming with a folk air and a European flair. Lovely introduction!