Art for your life

I invite you to explore the works of these three artists. Art is something that brings life and soul to your world as well as those around you. When you buy art you are buying more than just an object, you are buying a vision and a bundle of creativity that had to come into being. Art does more than accessorize a room, oftentimes it can be the meditative beacon after a crazy day. Enjoy these works! ~ written by PaulaArt

The Secrets Out, by Jessica Torrant
30" x 40", 2009
Acrylic on Canvas

Jessica Torrent is an abstract artist from Connecticut. Her work consists of brilliantly colored abstract paintings on canvas. Her profile page states:

In the last ten years I've enjoyed exploring various techniques and approaches from expressive art in motion to contemplative compositions like mazes of the mind. I try to allow myself to be free in the moment and paint intuitively with little planning or expectations (though the lessons of my training inevitably find their way into my process). Paintings seem to evolve on their own and whisper to me when they are complete. Things that inspire me creatively include music and nature, emotions and dreams, and the textures, colors and abstract patterns found in everyday scenes and objects.
11x14" photographic print on metallic paper.

Emi & Mark of f2images from Grafton, WI. are a duo on etsy. They offer a wide and interesting variety of themes including: carnival, insects, food, nature, industrial and landscape. Their profile page states:

We started f2images as a way to share our photography with others. Our ambition is to capture and present images in a unique and engaging way. Although we enjoy fine art photography, the technical aspect of image capture is equally important. We are in Grafton, WI...just outside of Milwaukee.
6"x6"x.75", 2010
Mixed Media on canvas

Ali Herrmann is an emerging artist living in upstate NY. She works in a variety of mediums such as watercolor, works on paper, oil painting and encaustics. Her etsy profile page states:

My work (right now) is primarily painting, though I have worked in clay making functional wares and handmade tiles. I also currently dapple in handmade, funky jewelry, using beads and metals, create hand-bound artist sketchbooks, and sometimes edition small woodcut prints.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story of these amazing artists!

Michelle said...

I love the Way Art can be so different from each
Thanks so much for sharing,
fantastic works!!!

anakim said...

Amazing artists, wonderful art!
Thanks so much Paula!

Monica said...

Such incredible work! This team is so inspiring, creative and talented!

Jessica Torrant said...

Thank you Paula, for not only including me in this sampling of artists that are part of our extraordinary team, but for writing about how rewarding it is to buy and collect art.

WolfeWoman said...

I love how these three have developed individual styles, and it's fun to read the artist's thoughts and intentions. Each one is adept at evoking an emotional response, something beyond words. Wonderful post!

ali said...

I love the concept you have left on buying art. It is truly so much more than an accessory! It is it's own state of being, a sanctuary, a place to dream and get lost in....a world all its own!
Thanks for featuring me in this blog of incredibly talented artists! So proud to be a part of this team.

paula said...

you are welcome fellow artists!

munieca said...

fantastic artists!! I have a wonderful mounted photograph by Emi, I just love it!!
Thanks for sharing Paula!!

Victoria Webb said...

Great choices of fine artists to highlight. It's also nice to hear that people appreciate art and beauty in their lives.
I'm doing a team interview with Jessica myself! Stay tuned....